Put a Lid on it!


Yard got leaves? Oranges overripe? Need a reason to gather up the pinecones? Have an extra lime you need to use up? Have you bought fresh cranberries yet? Do you have any spices in the back of the pantry that you want to use up? Feel like taking a walk in the woods for some berries before the weather gets frightful?

Does any of this sound inviting? Well, then, have we got a “scent-sational” craft for you this week. I am talking about oil-infused Mason jar candles. Mason jars make lovely containers for sugar-scrub gifts and fresh jams but this week I want to focus on candles.

I am planning to make a few for Sparkles and Sweets, at LTD 7 this Friday night, time permitting. If I run out of time, then I will definitely find time to make them for my Thanksgiving table.

I have Mason jars at LTD 7 if you need to purchase any.

Materials You Will Need

Mason Jars: LTD 7 is stocked.

Hammer and Large Screwdriver, or Drill with 3/8 inch bit

Fiberglass Wicks (craft stores) or recycled white tee shirt material, double thickness


Nipples (yep…they call it that), (2) 1/8 inch couplings and (2) 3/8 inch washers…for each candle you plan to make.

You can find nipples in the lighting department of Lowes in the spare light parts. You can buy your washers and couplings in packs or indivudually.


You will need oil: citronella oil, peanut oil (anyone deep frying their turkey?),lamp oil, canola oil, olive oil, coconut oil…etc. Any oil works and you just might have some on hand. Oil burns slower than candle wax, so this type of candle is a money-saver, too!r Lowe’s with all the spare lighting parts.


I love the freedom and experimentation with scents and color and design that these candles allow. You can even add food coloring to your oil to match your color palette.

What’s Hard about this Project?

I think really the only difficult (if you can call it that) part is getting the hole drilled for the wick. Most sites online recommend fiberglass wicks and I think I’m going to spring for some at Lowes. But you can use recycled cotton tee shirts.

The nipple is inserted in the jar to hold the wick in place. It is attached by the couplings and washers on the top and bottom. If you are like me and fear the drill, you can use a large screwdriver and a hammer to make a 3/8 inch hole to fit the coupling. If you drill, use a wood board underneath and make a screwdriver dent to give the drill a path to follow in the center of the lid.

 Once the nipple is in the opening, keep it there by placing the washer and coupling. You want the top to be flush with the lid.

Add your wick and the ingredients you have chosen and then the oil. You will want to allow the oil to infuse into the wick before lighting otherwise the wick will burn up.

100_3443 100_3447


Look at some of the gorgeous things you can add to your jar. Do you see the seashells? I LOVE this!


If you need more guidance or additional ideas, the Internet is laced with design ideas for these Mason jar oil infused candles. Special thanks to putalidonit, Pinterest and Dawn for their expertise with this project.

This Friday Night! Look What’s in Store at LTD 7:

Now that you have made something that S*P*A*R*K*L*E*S…why not join us Friday night for Sparkles and Sweets, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm downtown. Baby, it will be very cooooooold outside, so bundle up.

We will have warm drinks, scrumptious sweets, special surprise guests and…


You don’t want to miss it! This Friday from 6 to 9 pm!

Hope to see you there.

Living the Dream,


Author: LTD 7

Small Business Retailer with over 39 years of experience. I am founder and Christian owner of a Boutique located in Staunton Virginia. We specialize in fashions, jewelry & fabulous gifts and home decor. We have a Limit of 7 very talented artists and vendors who are passionate about the items they sell in our shop. Please visit us if you are ever in the Shenandoah Valley. For now, follow us or download our Free app Ltd7 www.ltd7online.com

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