I Spy With My Little Eye…


It’s that time of year in retail when shop owners begin thinking about spring and summer and the trends that will be popular for the whole of this year. It’s a guessing game, touted by all the experts and weighed in on by people way more famous and knowledgeable than I am. While LTD 7 is not going to have the fashions you see below, per se, in the shop, we can learn something from them. That’s what I love about the forecasts. It gives me something to gauge interest from and it challenges me to find styles that will delight, be fashionable and most importantly, be unique to my customers and in a price range we can comfortably afford.



What I don’t want is to buy for the store and sell to you and have your purchases wind up in “The Chair.” We all have one. We try on an outfit and we toss it aside for some reason…too tight, wrong color, soiled, or just not right for us.

The trends for 2015 are calling for loose fitting clothing, more pastels and some shoulder, if desired. The stripes we have all come to love will extend into this year as well. I will be searching for items that have these qualities and then some…practicality, function, uniqueness and a good price point. We can all use a bit of this, don’t you think?


In the world of vintage goods and recycled and repurposed items, the call this year is again for items that mix well with what we already have in our homes. The blend of recycled and repurposed items this year has what I call a cuddle factor: items, materials, objects, fashion and colors that make us feel safe and warm and alive. There will apparently be a turn to green tinting and all colors will trend towards being lighter…towards a happier better place: touchable tactile items in thin layers.

Oval is a new shape this year, with rounded edges and pleats being very important. I love the idea of the pleat being popular again! Egg colors, especially white and yolk together, are important. In pattern, there is spotted/ mottles like an egg. Oval shapes will be seen in kitchen and bathrooms. The egg also creates privacy, so furniture that forms a beautiful shield like the traditional egg chair.


This is all about nourishing from within – protective outer layers in natural fibers and inner layers that are synthetic. Leather is very important in hard goods and there are now many more environmentally conscious leather products. Food trends are also towards cocoon, with food inside food like a cocoon.



There will be a layering of materials and pleating in everything from fashion to architecture, with an organic and meandering feeling to design. Colors in this trend are like onion skin in naturals, tans and whites/creams.


The trend for 2015 sees boxed shapes and fashion looking like a “vessel.” Calm and soothing ceramic colors and garments will embrace and hold the wearer. In house wares, a revival in ceramics continues: more baking of materials, with ceramic quality rough and unfinished.



There will be a comeback of the kangaroo pocket of the 70’s! Who remembers this? This trend sees fur in neutral colors of the red, grey and brown kangaroo. In architecture, “pockets” are being created attached to houses – flats for the teens to live in, then when they grow up and have a family, the parents move into the flat. Sounds great to me! Colorful furs and cute pets feature in this trend and the humble teddy bear is important! Colors, textures and designs are used that serve as a cuddle toy, something to hold and snuggle.

Ultra light sky blues and white feature this year. I love this one. It is about felted materials and billowing design. In fashion that might appear as large sweat shirts on pleated skirts. Everything is fluffy and airy.

As an opposite of the above – we will see heavy and dark materials: coated materials with subtle shine or completely matt; super heavy chairs and tables, hammered metals, lava materials and oversized monumental pieces.

Still a longer term trend (Summer 2016) will feature antique period pieces, most likely Neo Classical. Marble and stone will be very important – all collaged together. Plastics will be made to look like gritty stone and pieces that look like they have been unearthed – rough rather than polished.

Tube necks and pencil skirts will be seen in fashion. In design, think about tubes of paint. Items look like they have been taken from a painter’s studio – with paint residue and wear on items, with a move towards abstract patterns. Cone shaped coats and fashion using tweeds and tinted neutrals are what this trend is all about. In home wares, felt and textured furniture will feature with lots of tweeds in upholstery.

Wood looks like it’s checkered. Basket weaving and basket looks will be seen in mats, carpets and rugs.




Socks will be seen on everything – head, hands, feet and body! Lovely! Super cozy and casual, with overly long arms and legs. Rag doll looks and a bit of a cozy, sloppy appearance.

In home wares, knitted baskets and balls will be popular. There is a continued trend of home knitting, but even more homemade. Knits made out of left over yarns, colorful stripes – but not engineered and in home wares, lots of wrapping with yarns. HMMM…I am thinking a class or two in knitting is order sometime this year. Would you sign up?
Inspired by traditional French slippers often worn by old men, this trend is all about plaids and checks that are soft and rustic. Fabric and rubber with wool lining and wool used in accessories such as backpacks, shoes and bags. Warm, light, padded, comfy, pillow like design. Super cozy furnishings, lots of quilting and contouring. Café latte colors. Trend to mix colors with milk, cream and butter to create this look.



Continued trend of food/patisserie colors of sweets and cakes. This will be used in small home wares items. Good for use in single specialty items which are created in color variations. Can anyone say “more cupcakes?”



Revival of baroque look in fashion and interiors. 3D treatments on walls and furniture. Lots of white on white. Scalloped edges, laser cutting and laces.

There is a trend about bedrooms becoming more important. In the future we will spend more time in the bedroom – sleeping, working, eating, and entertaining. So the bedroom will be more self-contained…like a hotel room. Ooh…who doesn’t want that getaway, sometimes? Perhaps a mini-bar, fire, open bathroom. Lots of fur, velvet, cushions to create the theater of the bedroom. Beds are more relaxed – less elastic in bedding – just throw it on and cuddle in. All very snug and embryonic.

RELAX! It’s All About YOU!

Remember, design trends are just that: trends. You can incorporate one or none of them into your closet and décor. It’s all about that makes you happy and what causes you to feel joy and comfort…especially this year!

I have three trips planned this month to seek out what I feel will bring YOU the clothing and products that meet our steadfast criteria of unique fashion and purposeful items this year. I WILL DO THE WORK OF LOOKING FAR AND WIDE. We have almost completed our inventory and LTD 7 is set and ready to restock for 2015! Look to us for many of your favorites and the unique items and outfits you have come to love.

I will see you soon!

Living the Dream,


Author: LTD 7

Small Business Retailer with over 39 years of experience. I am founder and Christian owner of a Boutique located in Staunton Virginia. We specialize in fashions, jewelry & fabulous gifts and home decor. We have a Limit of 7 very talented artists and vendors who are passionate about the items they sell in our shop. Please visit us if you are ever in the Shenandoah Valley. For now, follow us or download our Free app Ltd7 www.ltd7online.com

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