Doctor, Doctor …Gimme’ a Cure


I am absolutely dying…with a bad case of Spring Fever—both in LTD 7 and at home. For me that means cleaning and redecorating and some measure of decluttering. There may still be snow and a “wintry mix” forecast and never mind the reflection of that white stuff in the photos. Spring is SO close that I can practically taste it!

Did you know that historically “Spring cleaning” literally meant “shaking the house?” It was done in the Spring to allow one to open the doors and windows without too many bugs and let the winds blow the dust away.

Spring cleaning can mean many things: a new look, a fresh, clean perspective when I enter the room, or a new feel to the space or it can mean a refreshing new me! Sometimes, literally, what I want in a room come Spring is something that will refresh ME, be that a new scarf or jewelry display, or a grouping of favorite new books I long to read.

image image (44)

Sometimes the space needs a total revamp. In any scenario, the room gets a good cleaning, from top to bottom.

We have been hard at work spring cleaning and revamping the upstairs space at LTD 7 and that has been so much fun, even though it has been a whole lot of back-breaking work. Thank you immeasurably to the kindred spirits who have so tirelessly helped me! The stair climbing with heavy loads and the projects were huge and I simply could not have done it all without you!

I will share the other offices before and after photos at a later date, but here is my reveal to date. Still alot of tweaking but here it is! I chose a “beach theme” for my new upstairs office. Is anyone surprised? And, yep, the tartan carpet had to gooooo… “bu bye.”

image (54) image (49)

I kept things simple in the new office and I only put in the room things that motivate me, bring me joy and peace and I honored an axiom I have personally lived by: “Use what you have, then buy more (at ltd7).”

When I am thinking of redoing or refreshing a room in my home or office, it really helps me to clear the room, first. Okay, the massive chest can stay and I don’t try to move the couch or the bed out of the way…but as for the rest…I move it out! When I have an open space, my mind opens to possibilities. I visualize the colors I love right now (which may be new and different than in the past) and then I ask myself: Can these colors be added, relatively inexpensively? Can I start small by painting an accent wall?

If I have always wanted a favorite piece from another room, in two places at once, I begin to think about it in this new space. Perhaps I retrieve it and add it to the room. I go slowly at first, and I make room for the ideas to come to me. I check Pinterest, Instagram and the Internet for images that I know I have loved. We all have those saved pictures and dreams of how a room in our future would look. Why not start this Spring on yours?

Use what you have and then buy more. What do I already have in my home or basement or storage that I can use to achieve the look? What is the theme happening before my eyes? Is it about the “things” I love? Is it the softness of the look; the vintage theme; the color palette? I try my best to use what I have and then think about buying more. It is amazing to me what I already have each time this “Spring Fever” hits me. I used existing pillows and chairs and a lamp to create this space for meeting with clients and reading. I used an existing ream of burlap for curtains. Someday I may or may not replace the chairs with different ones, but I was able to create this look without additional cost.

 IMG_3296       IMG_3297

I don’t worry so much about the drawers and closet shelves. There is time enough for that later. I concentrate on the large room and the new feel and look that I hope to achieve. I ask myself: Would it help to paint a few cubby holes in a new color? Would I love a few different or new pillows? Can I cover them inexpensively? What do I have in the basement or attic that I didn’t part with because I loved it at one time or another? I go hunting in my own space and I grab odds and ends to see if they work now.

image (53)

A teacher, actually a decorator who taught a decorating class at BRCC many moons ago, taught a friend of mine something I still tend to adhere to. Her advice was simple. She admonished the class to remember: “A bell, a book and a candle.” In fact it was the title of her textbook. What she meant was: Group things in threes. If you have a display, what surrounds it? Perhaps you have two small plants in planters that are shades of teal; then you add a third one in a contrasting color. What about that bedside table—the one not filled up with nightly reading and a water glass and alarm clock? Can you place a favorite statute and a travel memento alongside the lamp? Grouping things in threes has always been a favorite trick of mine.

If you feel reluctant to do what feels like a drastic change in a room, perhaps start with a desktop or a reading corner. As you move things around this Spring to clean areas that you haven’t cleaned in a few months, ask yourself the questions I have asked and see what your answers are. If you really do want a different look, start with what you have, clear the space and begin to recreate. You can always turn back! If the look you create works for Spring and Summer, but not for Fall and Winter, so be it. You can redo things in a few months!

If you really want to paint a piece of furniture, but fear the process, you can sign up for our Paint Couture classes. You will be working with techniques and get hands on experience that will last you a lifetime. I LOVE the look of my refreshed desk space and all it took was a few cans of paint to make a huge change!

Remember, use what you have…then buy more. You know where to reach us for the things that you might long for in your new, clean space.

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Living the Dream,


PS: Our vintage shopping trip to OHIO is a GO! If you want to join us, please contact me very soon! email

PSS: Is the LTD 7 Market on your calendar for April 25th? You will find lots of new things to add to your newly created space!

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