Where’s Waldo: Were You Spotted?

The Market is over (sad face). I love these Markets and seeing all of you! Did you brave the cold and rain to visit? It was, despite Mother Nature, a totally great day and I have so many to thank for making LTD 7’s Spring Market a fun event for all of us. Thank you for coming and supporting a great cause!

Last night, two of my favorite people, who shall remain nameless parents, shared their pictures of the Market with me. I love getting pictures from others, showcasing our customers, some of the booths and the great turnout. You see things I don’t and I love your shares.

I do believe that I love the social aspect of this Market as much as I do the booths and the sales and the support you bring to downtown Staunton.

I also have an Album of Photographs on LTD 7’s Facebook page that you can visit, after looking at these snapshots to see more of the great times that we had yesterday. I will post the link at the bottom of the blog.

Did we catch you having fun? Check out all of our photos to see if my we spotted YOU!


market 23market 21market 23

market 20 market 19 market 16 market 14 market 13 market 12 market 10 market 7  market 4 market 3 market 2image3

image15 image14 image13 image12 image11 image9 image8 image7

Here is the link to the Facebook Album: Facebook Link

Thanks again for coming to LTD 7’s Spring Market.

Living the Dream,





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