Fall Back and Relax

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It’s here. November 1, 2015. Were you early for church? November has arrived and the clocks have fallen backwards. You know what this means? It means that we are about to enter “the season.” I have been seeing certain “red and green” decorations in more than a few stores for weeks now. Early, I know. Way too early for most of you, I imagine.

fall back 2

Be kind to us as retailers. We love you and we have been preparing for the November and December holiday season since early July! Many of us, as store owners are bursting at the seams, and we are SO excited to decorate our sales floors and place all of our new merchandise out for you to see, enjoy and buy. Obviously, if we waited until a more appropriate time to decorate, say December 15th or thereabouts, very few would buy from us as we would be considered “too late,” with our holiday wares.

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Please forgive us for decorating too early for some of you and pardon our cluttered, filled to the brim sales floors. The months ahead are, for many small retailers, the best months of the year and we are as excited as children waiting for their recitals or school and church plays.

We, as retail business owners, spend over half of the year trying to figure out the trends for the holidays and how our customers will decorate, entertain and feast and what items you will most want to purchase as gifts for the season.

fall back 3

The point of shopping this holiday season is to purchase gifts that show you care. If you have difficulty finding the perfect gift, try listening to your recipients as you gather for family events and school functions. Listen to them as they watch TV. Listen and you may get some clues about what they might like to receive. People will mention things they like, or better yet, have your family and friends fill out an LTD 7 wish list (on their loyalty card)  next time you are in one of our shops!

sparkle and sweets

Some of us love shopping and some of us become frustrated as we make our gift giving lists. The easiest way to tackle your holiday list is to shop early, Friday, November 13th is a wonderful kickoff to the holiday season downtown with the Sparkles and Sweets from 6-9 pm! It is really frustrating to wait until the last minute and find almost everything “picked over.”

There are more ways to survive and enjoy the season. Another way to take the burden off of yourself is to purchase a few generic gifts, and by that I don’t mean cheap and inexpensive bric-a-brac that no one would want; I mean, if you see something you really love, you might buy two: one to give away, and one for yourself-even if you don’t quite know who you will give it to. Many of us have experienced the unexpected visitor bearing gifts and it would be wonderful have something to share with them.

Another way to ease the burdens of shopping is to shop with friends as the season gets underway, especially if you know someone who “loves to shop.” Seasoned shoppers have a way of asking you a few questions and instantly knowing what to help you get for your recipient. If you are lucky you will find great bargains too and your seasoned shopper friend will lead you to the best gifts at the best prices. Plus it’s a great way to enjoy each other’s company!

fall back7

Now that it is November, fall back like the clock did and breathe. Breathe big deep breaths and get your calendars ready and make sure to give yourself plenty of time to shop for that special gift and enjoy the process, too. You have time if you start early to give creative gifts and gain some extra time for yourself in the process.

It’s about to get crazy. Don’t fall victim to it.

12132457_1191736547508321_185675919235037235_o 12143323_1190485180966791_2043532265370381385_n 12109882_1191742350841074_2196642366849076666_o

LTD 7 will be here to help you survive the holidays. We look forward to seeing you walk in the doors-each and every time-and we always have the time to help you shop for the special people on your list. We are ready for the holidays and we can help you feel ready too. Don’t follow the crowds. Fighting for parking spots, waiting in long lines, traveling in unfamiliar cities and feeling suffocated by the in-a-hurry masses-none of that is good stuff. It raises our stress levels, wastes our time, and in general zaps our souls. Don’t hit the mall at peak shopping hours. Shop instead with LTD 7, and patronize the many Staunton small local merchants. Treat yourself to a lunch, an afternoon coffee or an early dinner in the restaurants and coffee houses while you are shopping. Look for stores, like LTD 7, who gift wrap for free. And instead of shopping outside of our city, maybe consider that the local stores would be more enjoyable, not to mention convenient.

LTD 7 has two locations to serve you. Visit them both, depending on where you find yourself. You will find engaging and unique items in each location and we would love to see you!

LTD 7 can make up a gift basket for you; we can suggest the newest gifts and always wrap your special finds. We have gift cards for the recipients that enjoy shopping with us. We also have lots of ornaments, wreaths, candles and greenery to make your home merry and bright.

We at LTD 7 A.L.W.A.Y.S have time for you and everyone on your list. Don’t get stressed and fight the crowds that only seem to get larger every year.

Shop small and visit LTD 7 often. Give yourself love and attention this year as you shop. The rewards will astound you.

We can do this holiday season people and we can do it together. We can have fun and feel the joy of the season, too!

fall back 4

Happy November, everyone! Know that we are especially thankful for each and every one of you, each and every day! I will see you, soon.

Living the Dream,


Author: LTD 7

Small Business Retailer with over 39 years of experience. I am founder and Christian owner of a Boutique located in Staunton Virginia. We specialize in fashions, jewelry & fabulous gifts and home decor. We have a Limit of 7 very talented artists and vendors who are passionate about the items they sell in our shop. Please visit us if you are ever in the Shenandoah Valley. For now, follow us or download our Free app Ltd7 www.ltd7online.com

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