The Best of Virginia 2016: Let Your Voice Be Heard

What do the Powerball $1.3 billion dollar lottery winning ticket, Donald Trump, the Kansas City Chiefs and LTD 7 have in common? That’s a strange combination for sure, but the one thing they have in common is that the people involved want to be recognized as Number One! They want to win! It is prediction season, and forecasters are prophesying about everything from the next lottery winner, the presidential election and football championship matchups to interest rates and gas prices. Of course, when it comes to business, forecasting is vital and when you are the owner of a small business, like LTD 7, getting a business award ranks right up there with winning a lottery, a presidential election or a playoff spot in the sports arena.

Whether a company has been around for decades or is just getting off the ground, getting a business award under their belt is a great way to build credibility and generate positive PR. Winning an award tells customers that you’ve been vetted by a third party and bested other companies to come out on top – no easy feat!

Awards programs run the gamut. Some are free to enter, while others can cost hundreds of dollars per submission. Some have simple entry procedures, and others can rival an Ivy League college application. Still, others are inexpensive to enter but will cost an arm and a leg if you want to buy a certificate, trophy or rights to use their logo.

Local “Reader’s Choice” Lists


Many regional magazines, newspapers and websites have annual lists where readers can nominate and vote for the area’s best coffee shop, best mechanic, best veterinarian, etc. My favorite is The Best of Virginia from Virginia Living magazine.


The reason I love this contest is that it is designed to give our customers a voice. You are the judge and jury and final spokesperson! You get to tell local businesses who you like, who you want to see more of and who ranks as a “word of mouth” best of the best.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.39.31 PM ~ Jan-4

I love this contest because it allows LTD 7 customers to put us up against all the competition and see how we fare. It gives me new ideas for marketing …where we are reaching and where we want to go. It is a wonderful way to tell others about us, because the more people we reach, the more we can grow! Winning this contest is a wonderful marketing tool for LTD 7 for a whole year. It is regional recognition that drives people to us and it is a measuring tool that lets me assess whether we are doing things right- in your eyes. Winning this contest might also mean that a new entrepreneur signs on with us and fulfills his/her dream.

It would mean the world to us at LTD 7 if you could take the time to vote.

Best of Virginia 2016 is your guide to the best in dining, shopping and doing in the State of Virginia. In January, they ask you, Virginia Living readers, for your ‘bests’ across the five regions of Virginia—Central, Eastern, Northern, Southwest and the Shenandoah Valley. Readers cast more than 40,000 ballots last year letting us know where to find the best our state has to offer, from the best movie theater in Southwest Virginia to the best gift shop, and independent home decor shop(hint, hint) in the Shenandoah Valley. This contest picks more than 1,400 winners in 475 categories.

All week long I have been asking you to take a few minutes to vote in this contest. There are categories for practically everything, from florists to flower growers.

LTD 7 would love your vote in the categories of Best Gift Shop (#46) and Best Independent Home Décor Shop (#50). (Add Staunton after each vote)

Of course you are free to vote as you please. We would certainly love to win once again! Three’s a charm! And while you are at it, there are so many great small businesses in Staunton that would appreciate your vote. In addition, if you fill out a good portion of the survey, at least 50 categories, you could win an iPad Mini from Virginia Living Magazine

best 8

Here is how it works, written by the staff at Virginia Living:

It’s that time of year again—time to vote for your favorite restaurants, shops, museums, hotels, schools, arts events and more! We know there are many “bests” across the Commonwealth, but we want to know what you think is best. Vote for everything from Best Sports Bar to Best Gift Shop to Best Retirement Community and everything in between. Find out who won in our Best of Virginia 2016 special issue, which will hit newsstands in May!

  • There is one ballot for each of the five regions of VirginiaNorthern, Eastern, Central, Southwest and Shenandoah Valley. Click on a region to get started.
  • best 7
  • Check the map if you’re uncertain about geographical boundaries; click here for a list of cities and counties.
  • Vote within any, or all, of the regions for your favorites in four sections: Arts, Culture & Entertainment, Living & Recreation, Shopping & Services and Food & Drink. Be sure to tell us what city your picks are in!
  • You may vote in as few or as many of the 100 categories as you like.
  • Limit one ballot per person per region.
  • When you have finished voting for all of your “bests,” click the “Submit Survey” button and your vote will be cast!
  • You have until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 22 to submit your ballot.

To thank you for helping us identify the best Virginia has to offer, when you submit your ballot you will automatically be entered to win an iPad mini! The more regions you cast your votes in, the better your chances of winning. At the end of the voting period, we’ll draw one lucky voter’s name to win!

So, go on Virginia, let us know what your “bests” are! Vote now!

*To be eligible for the iPad drawing, ballots must contain votes in at least 50 categories.

Please spend some time voting. The contest ends January 22ond.

best 9

I promise you, your vote counts and it would mean the world to us at LTD 7 if you could let your voice be heard.

Living the Dream,





Author: LTD 7

Small Business Retailer with over 39 years of experience. I am founder and Christian owner of a Boutique located in Staunton Virginia. We specialize in fashions, jewelry & fabulous gifts and home decor. We have a Limit of 7 very talented artists and vendors who are passionate about the items they sell in our shop. Please visit us if you are ever in the Shenandoah Valley. For now, follow us or download our Free app Ltd7

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