People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

—Dale Carnegie


There are many things that weigh us down in life: the death of a pet, the loss of a loved one, cancer or any other illness for that matter…. You get the idea. These trials and tribulations are not to be taken lightly. But there is also the “weight” of the things we keep. I am talking about our sentimental items, our mementos, our collections and the like. Oh sure, they physically “weigh” something, but more, if we keep too much, we are the ones who become weighted down.

war 6


My dear father-in-law’s first birthday in heaven was this week, God rest his blessed soul. In the haste of his passing, and in my exhaustion and because I had nowhere else to put his beloved earthly things…

I rented a storage unit.

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 When I first opened LTD 7, I spent a great deal of time on the road scouring for items that I knew could be sold or would look great as decor for the store. One by one, I loaded up rental vans, cars filled to capacity and each time I ran out of time to pursue a “vein” of an idea or a plan for the store, I put items away in…you guessed it…storage units. Plural.

 war 7


When we downsized our home, I got rid of “a ton” of things, but still there remained “things.” I had no place for them in our smaller abode, but they were too good to give away…so…I rented a(nother) storage unit.

 war 8

After awhile the weight of all these storage units got to me. I knew that there was going to be a colossal amount of energy, both physically and mentally, spent on tackling these storage units. In essence I was having my own personal “Storage War” with myself! I put off the task, not once or twice, but many times. I soon couldn’t remember exactly what was in those units, and sometimes in so forgetting, I bought more, not realizing I had exactly what I needed in storage.

The time came for me to meet the task. Head On.


I put on my worst pair of jeans and a baseball cap and started. I didn’t limit myself to one day to tackle the job. Oh, no! I worked until I was done. I worked like a mad woman not because I had some deadline, but because with every item I looked at and made a decision about whether to keep, donate or trash, I felt the weight lifting off of ME! It was wonderful to feel!


I hope you were able to attend One of our 3 virtual garage sales this past week. I wanted to have an outdoor sale, but the weather (again) remained uncooperative and we canceled. We still have more items, from our units, and are planning on two more Online Facebook Sales this week. Monday and Thursday at 8:30 pm Facebook SaleUnknown

It’s getting easier and easier for us to get and keep things in today’s world. There are companies that will deliver bins to you and photograph your items for a virtual storage unit. There are other companies that will deliver the actual STORAGE UNIT to your house and then come back for it at a later date. Many storage companies entice us with “One Month’s Free Rent.” Yes, it is easy to get and keep a storage unit. The hard part is ever getting out of one!

Storage is expensive and inconvenient and but the decluttering process is FREE!

war 10

When we make decisions about our possessions, we have less to clean, less to organize, less stress and more energy for LIVING THE DREAM!

 war 13

Clutter is stuff we don’t love. We all know in our hearts of hearts what things there are that weigh us down. The good news is-there are as many ways to declutter as there are items that need decluttering. The choice is up to you and the Internet can help you find many clever and creative ways to go about the taks, especially if you do not have much time. No matter what you method you choose to help you get started–the goal is to take your first step with excitement behind it.

There is a beautiful world of freedom and fresh breath and time to pursue our dreams hiding behind all that clutter.

How we remove it is up to us. It helped me to remember: I am not my stuff; we are more than our possessions. My memories are within me, not within my things. Holding on to stuff imprisons us; letting go is freeing and allows the dream inside each of us time to unfold.

I can take pictures of items I want to remember. Old photographs can be scanned. An item that is sentimental for me can be useful for someone else.

war 11


What is weighing you down that you can do without? Is there a Storage War going on within you? Can you imagine how freeing it would feel to remove that weight? Is there a dream just waiting for wings to fly?


Of course, it must be said:

war 11

Be sure to stop in this week to one or both of our LTD 7 locations and Grandma’s Bait for some of those “great new things.”


Let’s all fly this week! Make it a good one, everyone. I will see you soon!


Living the Dream,




Author: LTD 7

Small Business Retailer with over 39 years of experience. I am founder and Christian owner of a Boutique located in Staunton Virginia. We specialize in fashions, jewelry & fabulous gifts and home decor. We have a Limit of 7 very talented artists and vendors who are passionate about the items they sell in our shop. Please visit us if you are ever in the Shenandoah Valley. For now, follow us or download our Free app Ltd7 www.ltd7online.com

One thought on “LET GO OR BE DRAGGED”

  1. Hi Lynne. This blog post is spot on. We just left your store on Rowe Road in staunton. LOVED IT. You have a full time fan! My husband and I live in Annapolis. We are seeking large land and a log cabin in Nelson County for a second home site. We currently live in a restored National Registry property. It was a labor of love and we’re going to do it again for a second home and scone office (Purple Cherry Architects) Your finds are perfect for this new home. Thank you for being so very tasteful! We will consistently return to you!!!


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