What’s in a number?

After hearing what the LTD stands for in our name, the second question is always why the 7? Living the dream is truly what I have been blessed with in opening my boutique. Blessed to have the opportunity to mentor, Blessed to have such wonderful customers, Blessed to live the American dream, Blessed to have a family that supports me, and blessed to love what I do each and every day.


As many know, the name actually has a dual meaning.  It combines my love for mentoring and helping others obtain their dream by allowing small businesses and artists to come into a safe environment, under the umbrella of LTD 7, while exploring the business side of retail. As a cottage industry, meaning starting a business out of your home, the biggest obstacle to an artist is where can I sell my art?; How can I get the word out there; I can’t afford to quit my full-time job to open a shop and so on. Providing this avenue to our artists is something that is near and dear to my heart. My goal is to have these creative geniuses gain confidence and learn the business side of selling their items.….and once they are comfortable, release them into the world to do the same with continued guidance if needed. For some, this happens and for some, they see that the business side is not for them, instead, they choose to remain under the umbrella of retailers such as LTD 7 consigning their items.  In this particular meaning…..Ltd7 stands for “Limited to 7” We never have more than 7 artists under the umbrella of LTD7.


The second and original meaning is personal to me as the founder and has proved to be personal to others employed by LTD 7 as well.  I truly want Ltd7 to be run with great values and kindness. A faith-based business with employees sharing the same values as the business. I knew from owning and managing other stores that retail is a hard business. As the business leader, It’s sometimes hard to stick to personal beliefs, all while meeting the demands of the bottom line. Retail ownership is not glamorous and it is not at all what it looks like from the outside. It’s so much more than buying merchandise, opening the doors and selling it to great customers.  It’s challenging, disappointing, stressful and rewarding all wrapped up into one little package. If you don’t have a strong foundation to guide and help you to overcome these obstacles, many won’t survive.  For me….God is my rock, my salvation and my sustainer. God is my guiding light at LTD 7 above anything and anyone else. I ask for guidance daily.  Sometimes he has allowed me to puddle through some tough situations in my business. Although my faith would waver, he took me by the hand, each and every time, into these uncomfortable waters and led me. I needed to trust him with HIS plans for my business and not rely on the world’s plans for how my business should be.  It has not been easy, but my faith has guided me and provided peace during these difficult situations and changes within the business. Even more important, I thank him each and every day for the blessings bestowed upon my business. He is the one I go to when I need advice or when I need to make a decision regarding the business, just as one would go to the CEO to consult and get advice. God is my CEO.  The real world does work its way into our lives both professionally and personally, like comparing ourselves to the business down the street or comparing ourselves to what we see on the Internet. These are real worldly struggles that each of us in business goes through. God does not want us to compete with anyone or any business….he created us all to be unique and he knows our heart. I allow him to guide me and make my path straight. I like to follow the road less traveled and focus on my journey.

So who coined this phrase, “It’s all about the 7” that has now become a hashtag for the business?  Actually, a very close friend coined this phrase during one of our early morning coffee dates……..It hit straight into the heart and has stuck ever since becoming the motto behind the business. It truly is “all about the 7”.

Why the number 7?  You know how many of us see cardinals, pennies on the ground, Butterflies, rainbows, or ladybugs and feel a peace about a loved one in heaven?  Many call it a Godwink. Sevens are my personal sign from God and they have been from the inception of the business as well as in my personal life now.  In hindsight, I am amazed at how many times I have seen the number 7 in difficult times or times where I needed affirmation about a decision. My brother started this 7 trend in our family. I always admired him and his journey into becoming a Godly Christian Man. His business is 7odd, again using the 7 as a symbolic number from the bible. When he signed his name the T always looked like a 7, so his personal business is also a reflection of the Godliness at the center of his business. He looks to him for everything, business or personal. A beautiful testimony to allowing God to be in control.

This blog post is not to say that God has said there is a significant meaning to the number 7 in the bible, although it is in there quite a few times, but for me, it is my personal number that acts as a constant reminder to remember my roots, and remember who ultimately is control of my personal life and more importantly LTD7.

Join me as we launch our new LTD 7 tee shirt….a good conversation piece to tell people about your favorite business and the importance of having Jesus Christ in your personal and professional life! Available on our website March 9Thand can be seen on our Live Fashion Show, 7 pm Friday, March 9th.


Some fun facts about the number 7 in the bible:

  • God rested on the 7th day
  • 777 represents the threefold perfection of the Trinity
  • The number 777, as triple 7, can be contrasted against triple 6
  • the number seven is a number of perfection and completeness.
  • Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit – They are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord
  • 7 appears over 487 times in scripture, more times than any other number.
  • Seven miracles: Changing water into wine, Healing the royal’s son in John, healing the paralytic, feeding the 5000, walking on water, healing the blind and the raising of Lazarus.

Wishing you “7” new blessings this year!

Live your dream friends,


Author: LTD 7

Small Business Retailer with over 39 years of experience. I am founder and Christian owner of a Boutique located in Staunton Virginia. We specialize in fashions, jewelry & fabulous gifts and home decor. We have a Limit of 7 very talented artists and vendors who are passionate about the items they sell in our shop. Please visit us if you are ever in the Shenandoah Valley. For now, follow us or download our Free app Ltd7 www.ltd7online.com

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