Put a Lid on it!


Yard got leaves? Oranges overripe? Need a reason to gather up the pinecones? Have an extra lime you need to use up? Have you bought fresh cranberries yet? Do you have any spices in the back of the pantry that you want to use up? Feel like taking a walk in the woods for some berries before the weather gets frightful?

Does any of this sound inviting? Well, then, have we got a “scent-sational” craft for you this week. I am talking about oil-infused Mason jar candles. Mason jars make lovely containers for sugar-scrub gifts and fresh jams but this week I want to focus on candles.

I am planning to make a few for Sparkles and Sweets, at LTD 7 this Friday night, time permitting. If I run out of time, then I will definitely find time to make them for my Thanksgiving table.

I have Mason jars at LTD 7 if you need to purchase any.

Materials You Will Need

Mason Jars: LTD 7 is stocked.

Hammer and Large Screwdriver, or Drill with 3/8 inch bit

Fiberglass Wicks (craft stores) or recycled white tee shirt material, double thickness


Nipples (yep…they call it that), (2) 1/8 inch couplings and (2) 3/8 inch washers…for each candle you plan to make.

You can find nipples in the lighting department of Lowes in the spare light parts. You can buy your washers and couplings in packs or indivudually.


You will need oil: citronella oil, peanut oil (anyone deep frying their turkey?),lamp oil, canola oil, olive oil, coconut oil…etc. Any oil works and you just might have some on hand. Oil burns slower than candle wax, so this type of candle is a money-saver, too!r Lowe’s with all the spare lighting parts.


I love the freedom and experimentation with scents and color and design that these candles allow. You can even add food coloring to your oil to match your color palette.

What’s Hard about this Project?

I think really the only difficult (if you can call it that) part is getting the hole drilled for the wick. Most sites online recommend fiberglass wicks and I think I’m going to spring for some at Lowes. But you can use recycled cotton tee shirts.

The nipple is inserted in the jar to hold the wick in place. It is attached by the couplings and washers on the top and bottom. If you are like me and fear the drill, you can use a large screwdriver and a hammer to make a 3/8 inch hole to fit the coupling. If you drill, use a wood board underneath and make a screwdriver dent to give the drill a path to follow in the center of the lid.

 Once the nipple is in the opening, keep it there by placing the washer and coupling. You want the top to be flush with the lid.

Add your wick and the ingredients you have chosen and then the oil. You will want to allow the oil to infuse into the wick before lighting otherwise the wick will burn up.

100_3443 100_3447


Look at some of the gorgeous things you can add to your jar. Do you see the seashells? I LOVE this!


If you need more guidance or additional ideas, the Internet is laced with design ideas for these Mason jar oil infused candles. Special thanks to putalidonit, Pinterest and Dawn for their expertise with this project.

This Friday Night! Look What’s in Store at LTD 7:

Now that you have made something that S*P*A*R*K*L*E*S…why not join us Friday night for Sparkles and Sweets, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm downtown. Baby, it will be very cooooooold outside, so bundle up.

We will have warm drinks, scrumptious sweets, special surprise guests and…


You don’t want to miss it! This Friday from 6 to 9 pm!

Hope to see you there.

Living the Dream,


A Vintage Thanksgiving

What did you do with your extra hour today? Did you enjoy sleeping in? Did you find a little quiet time?

 image (20)

One Whole Hour!

What did you do with your extra hour today? Did you enjoy sleeping in? Did you find a little quiet time? I got to spend a little extra time with Duane and I had an extra serving of warm coffee. It was way too nice.

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

Boy we sure did pick the right date for the Fall Market, didn’t we? I always get a little nervous with our “early winters” and seemingly topsy-turvy weather. I hope you had a chance to come and enjoy the day and the festivities. It was wonderful seeing so many of you, even though I was running around like a mad woman with my hair on fire most of the time. I still managed to thoroughly enjoy the day and I want to thank our visiting vendors, the amazing staff at LTD 7, our food truck, musicians and my dad and brother for the vintage cars. We made some money for a cause near and dear to my heart and everyone I spoke with had a blast. That’s what counts!

Don’t forget, when it rains, check our Facebook page for rainy day specials! We typically feature rain boots.

Is It Too Soon for a Holiday Blog?

image (12)

I had some friends comment on Facebook about Costco’s really very extra special early Christmas decorations, and that was weeks and weeks ago. Too soon, for most of you, and I have to agree, but…I have to share a secret…many of us in retail have our holiday items ordered in Januray and ready as early as July , so we get a little antsy as soon as Fall hits. Bear with us. We love the holiday season and sometimes it is hard to hold back. I have tried to be as patient as possible and I am not going to blog about the season—yet. But I am working on a post that I think you will like. I will share it in the weeks ahead.

What Can’t Wait!

image (11)

I just have to tell you about two great events I am working on so that you can at least add them to your calendar. On November 14, 2014, we are having our annual Sparkles and Sweets event. It was so much fun last year!  The event will be held from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Friday, November 14, 2014. I am fast at work on that endearing event, and once again, would absolutely love to see you. You will find our store decorated and full of everything you might need for gift-giving, guest vendors, demos, many great discounts and the ever popular drawing for our MONEY TREE!


Please mark your calendars for an evening of fun in the downtown area on November 14th.

image (10)

And, we all know what Thanksgiving means…in retail…it means the official start to the shopping season. I know…I know…the Halloween decorations are still up. But this ear Thanksgiving falls later than usual so we have to be ready! Please plan to come see us on November 29th for Small Business Saturday. There will be great sales and a day that honors all of us working in small, local businesses. I am sure many of you are going to be shopping on Black Friday (and I don’t blame you)…but don’t forget about us on Saturday, our fabulous specials and unique gifts for everyone on your list on the very next day.

A Vintage Thanksgiving!

image (17)

Now that we have the LTD 7 housekeeping out of the way, let’s talk turkey. Okay, not really “turkey,” but I wanted to share a sweet project that you can begin today and do all through the month. We are only one day late and we can make that day up if you start today.

Gratitude Lists: Make One Today

image (9)

Have everyone in your family start a sheet of things they are thankful for this month. Write down one thing every day. Keep them on the fridge with one of our strong bottle cap magnets. Leave a little room for cutting them out just before Thanksgiving. Don’t let anyone see what is being written. Fold them or store the sheets in envelopes.

On Thanksgiving Eve, cut them all out and place them in a bowl. Folded. As you sit around the table, have everyone take turns reading them aloud and sharing. See if your guests can name who wrote them. If you have people coming from out of town, have them fill out one or two or three papers too so they will be included.

I have done this before and it is a wonderful way to share our thankfulness. It reminds us of all the many blessings we have, big and small and it is a delightful way to share amongst our family and friends.

Walnuts, Anyone?

If you have plans to buy or shell walnuts this season, think about saving the ones you see that are slightly open on the top. You can have the kids spray paint them gold or green or whatever color matches your décor and make name cards for the table. While most of us don’t need place cards, it is a fun and inexpensive project. I have also seen walnuts spray painted and stacked into beautiful centerpieces, as pictured.

image (15)

Use What You Have

The nice thing about vintage and repurposing for the seasons is that we can “use what we have” in unique and unusual ways. Perhaps you want to use your blue and white china and want to find a way to make it look like a Thanksgiving table. The picture above does just that!

Maybe you have old metal buckets or vases that would decorate nicely with sprigs of yellow and orange marigolds or hold small pumpkin. Or perhaps you have some spare burlap that would make a table runner this season. Decorate a bit differently this season and watch your creativity soar. It always boosts my mood to do something a little different, even if it is adding leaves and string to my napkins.

image (18)

Changing things up doesn’t have to be expensive. Use what you have; then buy more if you need to.


On the Road Again

I will be on the road again late this week to pick up MORE great items for the store. I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, but I want to remind you of the many ways LTD 7 can meet your shopping needs as we approach the “season of busy.”

Please plan to make LTD 7 a frequent stop in your travels for the holidays. Don’t forget to check out our booth at the Antique Mall, too, if you are over that way. There is always something new and unique there, too and items are updated weekly.

Stay tuned to Facebook, Instagram and this Blog as the holidays get closer for fresh new ideas for gift-giving, gift baskets and those small, unique and treasured gifts we all need to purchase. Don’t forget to check out our Online Store and our Facebook sales each week as you can shop from the comfort of your home and we have some amazing sales and deals twice weekly. You can pick up many of the same items you see in the store and many new and first run items online. If you miss one of our sales, you can still buy, the next morning  Items in our Facebook sale are online for one week while supplies lasst.

LTD 7 strives, as always, to make your shopping as stress-free and as pleasant as possible and we are always here to serve you.

I am so very thankful for YOU! You are what makes my dream possible!

Living the Dream,


The World is Your Oyster

One of my visions for LTD7, even when I did not know that was going to be the name of the store, waaaaaay back in the dreaming stage, was a dream that years and years in the retail business began forming in my head. I spent years dreaming of having my own store. I experimented with small niche stores. I got my feet wet and I got soaked many times. But still I dreamed. I was not afraid to try and some of my best lessons came from these attempts.

original_silver-world-is-your-oyster-necklaceThe Law of Attraction: You Really Are the Pearl

How many of you remember the book, The Secret? It came out many years ago and it was a bit controversial. But it had, in my opinion, some valid points. What I found helpful from reading the book was the notion that we can attract that which we hope to see in our lives. We can dream and someday see that dream become a reality.


Honor Your Calling

One of the most influential people to me is Oprah. Oprah spends her life encouraging us to be the best self that we can be. She is a staunch advocate for following our dreams and passions. She overcame the adversities of her childhood and followed her dream. She helped launch successful careers and most importantly, to me, she became a philanthropist and gave back to the universe. While I will NEVER be anywhere near to becoming Oprah, I have learned valuable lessons from her.

Who do you admire? Ask yourself why? Study this person or group and try to discover what speaks to you.oprah

One of my visions for LTD7, even when I did not know that was going to be the name of the store, waaaaaay back in the dreaming stage, was a dream that years and years in the retail business began forming in my head. I spent years dreaming of having my own store. I experimented with small niche stores. I got my feet wet and I got soaked many times. But still I dreamed. I was not afraid to try and some of my best lessons came from these attempts.

My dream was not only to bring you a store that fulfilled my passions and goals, but also, and perhaps more importantly, it was to encourage and be available to budding entrepreneurs.

Living the Dream is my personal mantra, but it is also the store name and vision. As it turned out, my dream shaped up over the planning stages into a venture that saw me working alongside and with others who have a dream and who have taken the plunge into the waters of this business endeavor with me. Working with other vendors who share a like passion is so rewarding and I still learn something new every day. Oh, sure there are failures, and bumps in the road and many changes as we grow at LTD 7 but every step along the way keeps me challenged and wanting to do more to bring you our dream and vision in the shape of LTD 7.

follow-your-dreamsWhat is it you would do in this lifetime if you knew you could not fail? Write it down.

What is it you would put on a vision board or write as a one sentence goal if you took the time to do it? Begin with one sentence. Branch out and make a vision board.

What is your dream? What is on your bucket list and what can you do about it, even if it is only one small step in the right direction? Every single step takes us closer to our goals, even the small seemingly unimportant steps. What better day to start than today.

Would you retire early and sail the open seas?

Would you write a book?

Would you change jobs?

Would you open a store?

Would you go back to school?


Open a gym?

Learn to fly?

Buy a vacation home?

Travel to Italy?

Open a restaurant?

Get into politics?

Run a marathon?

Move closer to your grandbabies and extended family?

Travel to Italy and maybe never come back?

Visualize It

The list could go on and on. What I found helpful as I asked myself these questions and created my visions for LTD 7 and the future was to make a vision board and always have a rough plan, in a notebook that I kept in my purse. On my vision board I had fabric swatches, ideas for the store, what I hoped to earn, and quotes to motivate me.

Buy a piece of poster board or foam core board or some thumb tacks and a bulletin board and begin to create your dream…where you can SEE it. Buy number stickers and count down the days until you set “sail.” Change your password to your dream…you will see it every day and be reminded. Carve out a special place in your home…even if it is in a closet to make small steps in the direction of your dream.


One Small Step for Mankind

It helped me to take one small step towards my goal, every single day. How you ask? Well, it can be a teeny weenie step. It can be something as small as a trip to the library to read a book on the subject. It can be a Google map that you look at and dream. Other small steps could be something like signing up for realty websites to see what comes available as a workable space or new place to live. I signed up for online classes and webinars. I read all I could read. I went to see stores that were similar in concept to LTD 7. All of these things taught me (and still do) and brought me steps closer to my dream of owning LTD 7.

I still have notebooks chock full of visions and ideas that were generated by attending these hour long web casts and spending free time on Pinterest, and in stores looking for ideas, which I then filed away in more notebooks. I treasure them and look back at them frequently for ideas as I realize more and more parts of my dream for LTD 7.

How to Eat an Elephant

Sometimes I just knew my dream was way too big. At other times I knew there were a million ways I could fail. But I also knew that the only way I could dream was to take things in small chunks. After all, that’s the only way to eat an elephant, right?

Name It!

One fun exercise for me was giving my passion and my dream a name. It can be a book title you want to come up with or a store name or the name of your new business or the name of your future beach home. Pick something that speaks to you and really moves you. Only you know what that is. And don’t forget to write it down as we all think we can remember those thoughts as we fall off to sleep, yet most things are forgotten by the light of day.

All these seemingly small steps really do move you closer to your dream. And don’t forget those vision boards. There is something to be said for visualizing what you want. It plants seeds in our minds and in the universe. It gives you a dream to think about on walks, at night before you sleep, or during a long car ride.

From time to time over the next year, I will share with you more of the steps I took to realize my dream of owning LTD 7 after thirty years in the retail business.

Dream until your dreams come true.

Living the Dream,



Fall In Love…


Have I got a cornucopia of ideas for you today! It took me a week or two to make the transition to Fall, because, as you know, I have “summer and beach and waves and sand” coursing through my veins, but now that we are seeing the leaves turn and feeling the nip in the air and pulling out our sweaters and scarves, I am starting to get into the spirit of things and approaching the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays with thankfulness and anticipation.

Just Six More Days until Fall Market!

Speaking of thankful…can I just say I am delighted to see and hear from so many of you have who have said you are looking forward to LTD7’s Fall Market and making plans to come. The Fall Market is next weekend, folks, and preparations are really underway!

flyer for market copy with vendors.pages copy

 We have a TON of surprises in store for you at the Market…literally! How’s that for whetting your curiosity? We also have ALL of our vendors planning to be there for a meet and greet and lots of great outside visiting vendors for your shopping, too. It promises to be a grand day! Please plan to join us at LTD 7 anytime between the hours of 10:00 and 4:00 on Saturday October 25th. You won’t be disappointed!


Pumpkin Hacks, 101


Have you purchased your pumpkin(s) for Halloween? If not we have plenty to choose from at the store. As I was rearranging our supply of them this week, I got to thinking about what to do with the ones we don’t plan to carve. You know me; I can’t throw anything away if there is another way to use it!

 I got to thinking: How could I repurpose my Halloween decor pumpkins to make them last through Thanksgiving? What “hacks” could I come up with by doing a search for reusing pumpkins or in other ways changing them up to move right into Thanksgiving?

Check out the amazing ideas I found. And remember, as you look at these ideas, you can get the pumpkins, the ribbons and the bows, along with assorted tea towels to match your festive décor, from LTD 7. Let’s “Fall in love…” with pumpkins this week!
Two Perfect Gifts!

The first set of ideas make great gifts for teachers and those inside offices as they await the holidays. I have made many of these flower pot pumpkins and candle holders over the years and they are a huge hit! The best part of all, so easy to make!

For the Table

picstitch (4)

What about serving pieces? Have you ever thought about using your pumpkins for a soup tureen? Or a dip bowl? Or what about with a platter of veggies? Shoot, why not just make the soup in the pumpkin?

Just think of the delicious aroma in the house. I can smell it now. You can also use a pumpkin as an ice decanter. Make sure to put plastic inside the pumpkin as they are porous.

 picstitch (2)

Paint, Anyone?

Another favorite idea for me is to paint my pumpkins. They last and last! We have to showcase a Chevron one, now don’t we? And porches can easily be transformed from early Fall or Halloween by using some of the ideas below.

picstitch (5)

Maybe a scripture speaks to you. How about painting it or chiseling it or using a wood burning tool to showcase it on a pumpkin for Thanksgiving?

picstitch (1)

No Carve Ideas

There are lots of ideas for a no carve pumpkin that take us into Thanksgiving. Look at the adorable buttons placed likely with a hot glue gun on the pumpkin above. Can’t you just see a beautiful buffet table with colorful tea towels and napkins and pumpkin serving bowls alongside it? What a gorgeous theme. Or how about a beautiful painted pumpkin with chandelier baubles sparking on your dinner table? I love this idea! We delight our family and guests and get to keep the glass once the season turns. What could be better?

Freshen Up the Porch

How about outside? Longing for a change on the porch or back deck for Thanksgiving? How about cement pumpkins? Or painted three tiered pumpkins with a family initial or a verse? Stack them high to really make a statement!

picstitch (3)

Never mind thinking that all your pumpkins will have to be tossed after Halloween. There are countless ways to expand your use of them right into the end of November!

 See You Saturday, October 25!

I’ll see everyone next Saturday at the Market! I’m so excited!

Make sure to find me and say hello!

Want to read more from LTD 7? Archives

Living the Dream,




Before I get to the subject of this blog post and my thoughts for this week, let me take a few lines of text to update you on some of the great happenings at LTD 7.

On the Radar: Fall Porch Contest

There is only ONE DAY left to get your submissions and votes in for the Fall Porch contest. I have seen so many gorgeous walkways and decorations all over town and I would encourage you to enter and vote. Hurry! Here is my front porch:


Have you signed up for a miniature landscapes class? These classes are so popular! Picture that dream locale and create a vision of it that you can take home right after class. We have a blast and our next one is Tuesday, Nov 11th. See our website for more information and to sign up.

blog 2

Have You Got Something to Paint?

Paint Couture classes meet every Thursday night with advance reservations. No previous experience required. Many different classes to choose from at affordable rates; Paint Couture 101, Paint Your Own Piece & Advanced.

blog 3

Don’t Miss our Fall Market!


And last, but certainly not least, our huge Fall market is right around the corner on October 25th! That is the weekend after next and you will not want to miss it! Our vendors are clamoring for your business and we have so many surprises in store for you. Remember, the earlier you get started on purchasing gifts for teachers, friends, and family, the less stress you will have once the holidays roll around…not to mention the selection will be the best the earlier you shop. Please, please please, mark your calendars and join us.


Remember these three letters…WIF. It’s an easy acronym for Web, Instagram and Facebook.

W-I-F which is one “e” shy of WIFE. It’s an easy way to remind you of our constant presence on the W-eb, I-nstagram and F-acebook. These online sites really are—short of coming into the store—the best way to keep abreast of all the events and news and equally new merchandise, not to mention sales that we are bringing to you.

Online, you will find advance notices, flash sales (they are wildly popular) and customer and vendor photos. You can also instantly interact with me and ask any questions about something you may want or have seen in the store or online.

Remember, we are selling in an online store in addition to our Facebook sales twice weekly. We also post our store news and items that have just come in and that you may not know are at the Antique Market or downtown.

Did You Miss a Facebook Sale?

Remember, if you miss a Facebook sale on Monday or Thursday night, check back in online as we keep items up for twenty-four hours and you can still order even though the sale is over.

Our aim is to make LTD 7 as accessible as you need it to be with your busy lives.

Are You a WAHM?

And speaking of busy lives…here’s another term I thought a lot about this week: WAHM…Work At Home Mom. Are you one? Do you work at home? Of course you do! Of course you are! We all are, in one way or another, V-E-R-Y busy and torn in about a hundred trillion directions each day. Whether we work in the home, outside the home, do our blogging or take care of loved ones, we are all WAHMs of one type or another.

The Trick is to Find BALANCE

I think most everyone of us gets up of a morning and has an idea of the things we want to do, or get accomplished in the brand new day ahead of us. Here’s where it gets tricky for me now that I am doing more of my work for LTD 7 at home: I am constantly thrown in ten different directions. I feel like a clown at Ringling Brothers Circus juggling balls in the air…and I drop A LOT of them! I’m just glad they aren’t glass plates twirling on a stick!

I (let myself) get interrupted. Do you know what I mean? I plan to take a walk with Mo, but then the phone rings and I answer it and thirty minutes later I realize I have to get ready for a dentist appointment. There goes my exercise and the dog’s walk as well…completely by the wayside.

Or, I plan to place orders for LTD 7 during the morning and attend an online webinar at noon on a subject I am interested in for the store. I have signed up and it starts in an hour. But then I decide that I really need to get the laundry started and clean up last night’s crafting session and that leads to mopping the floor of dog water drippings and the next thing I know I have to pick Erika up and take her to a friend’s house and the webinar starts in sixteen minutes and the postman stops to chat a bit and I haven’t eaten since last night and my hair needs curling and I’m not sure where the black shirt is I wanted to wear and Mo just piddled on the floor (because we didn’t walk) and I am going to be LATE for everything I set up for the afternoon if I don’t get going. Ugh! WHEW! Another morning gone! Now I add today’s jobs to tomorrow’s list!

Do you ever have one of these days…or many of these days? Does this sound like you? Does this picture look a bit like you (minus the suit)?


How long is your WAHM list? What is a woman to do?

It’s not as easy as it looks to work at home and from my vantage point it’s certainly not glamorous. Did I mention that walk I planned with Mo was in my workout gear and that I needed a shower? That takes time! I don’t want to put makeup on a used canvas, if you get my drift, but I have “things to do and places to go and people to see….”

What can one person, one WAHM do? What are the experts recommending for those of us who work inside and outside the home 24-7 and don’t know how to do much more than “put out fires?” I am checking my work emails at bedtime! We all know that kind of behavior isn’t conducive to relaxing sleep.

Ideas for Finding Balance

 But how do we turn all these “to do’s” off? How do we set up our lives in such a way that we achieve balance in our very busy lives? Some of the experts recommend making appointments with ourselves. They advise that the work we want to do should be scheduled and “mom” is not available during that time to answer the phone, walk the dog, run to the park or stop for a coffee. When we are at work, wherever we may be, we are at work.

Others in the blogosphere recommend we set up an office, even if it is in a closet. We go there to work. Still others remind us to turn off the constant emails and designate a time each evening for rest and relaxation, devoid of interruption. Perhaps a late evening stroll. Perhaps a cup of warm (decaf) coffee or a steamy cup of hot chocolate and ten minutes of motivational reading or light stretching or mediation.

Here is one manifesto I found online. See if you agree.


 What works for you? What are some of the things you do to quiet the madness of a busy Fall day? I would love to hear your ideas!

Because…after all…Living the Dream isn’t about working 24-7 or putting out fires. Living the Dream isn’t about being exhausted or pulled in fifty million directions. Living the Dream is about sharing what is in our hearts and souls; it’s about focusing on what is alive in our hearts. It’s about making our dreams a reality and still being balanced enough to enjoy them!photo

Have a wonderful week, everyone. Strive for balance and nourish your dreams. I will try to do the same.

Living the Dream,







I love horses. I always have. Many of my fondest memories are riding at Shenandoah Farms. Erika shares my love of these precious animals as well and spent many years riding at Endless Trails and Tera Stables.

Today, I thought I would share a bit of history and a bit of news with you…straight from the horse’s mouth.

Have you ever heard or used the phrase: “Straight from the horse’s mouth?” As I thought about today’s blog, that saying came to mind, but I never knew where it came from…until today. I always thought it was “The Talking Mr. Ed.” Do any of you remember that show or am I just showing my (very advanced) age?


Straight from the Horses Mouth

We use the phrase “straight from the horse’s mouth” in our conversations to mean “from the source,” as in, “I heard it from the source so it has to be accurate.” Many horse breeders and gamblers coined the phrase to assure people that their horse was the one to bet on, as they “heard it straight from the horse’s mouth that he or she will win.” This has been going on since the mid 1900s.

But the origin of the phrase was much earlier…in the early 1800s. When someone wanted to purchase a horse, they, of course, wanted to know the age of the horse before they bought him. Many sellers would “fib” or guess at the age or stretch the truth. But a horse’s mouth never lied and his teeth were the clue. Did you know that you can tell the exact age of a horse “by looking in his mouth?” His teeth grow in at certain ages and by checking this, exact ages and correct sales were the norm. No more tall tales, exaggerations or misinformation.



On a related note, I have news-straight from the horse’s mouth! My husband, has a new job. It is a wonderful opportunity for him and our family and one that comes from years and years of hard work and dedication. It is a natural progression for him, career wise, and I could not be happier for him!

His new job is based in Florida. It will involve a great deal of travel, internationally. The company is in Coral Gables and he started last week. I am so incredibly proud of him!

What does his job have to do with LTD 7, you might be asking. You might be thinking…”Oh noooo. Is Lynne moving to Florida? She LOVES Florida” or “How will they make this work?” Some of you may have noticed and commented that I am not in the store quite as much as I used to be. With 24 years of a marriage under our belt, we both realize that sometimes, blessings come with sacrifices, we are blessed to have a strong marriage and know that opportunities are placed in your lap at times that may not seem right. We are approaching this with Blind faith by listening and acting on the opportunities that have been placed in front of us.


Fear not! I am still here and I am working on LTD 7 even harder that I was before, if that is even possible. I am never more than a phone call away and I have wonderful people holding down the fort. In fact, I am in the store more than you think; I am just behind the scenes…working on our growing internet presence, social media, buying (actually pickin’) and concentrating on the operational side of things. I have been nicknamed the “little elf” by my staff, I bring new items in, rearrange the merchandise and leave little notes; all this takes place when the store is closed. There is SO much that goes on behind the scenes in a small business and I am spending my time focusing on orders and sales and the growth of the business. I found that if I was selling IN the store, much of what I needed to do to bring you the BEST a store like ours has to offer required that I be out and about and that was not possible after a full day of work.


Here is the good news: I work “almost” every single weekend in LTD 7! I look forward to that because being in my shop, seeing your faces, and being on the sales floor brings me tremendous joy. Every time I get ahead of the ball and caught up with my obligations, I am in the store or working on it from home. I am constantly picking up new items and delivering them to LTD 7 and while that takes me away from the sales floor, it is work with you at the forefront of my mind.

My responsibilities as wife and mom and daughter in law have grown, just a little bit too, now that Duane is traveling. I am sure you can relate. With Duane gone most every work week, I need to be able to run, at a moment’s notice to meet Erika, or take care of my father-in-law. I did not think it fair to you if I was holding down the store and had to close for family obligations. I wanted you to have the best experience at LTD 7, no matter what I had on my plate. Once I become more accustomed to living the pseudo “single parent” role, I am sure I will have more time. Thank goodness for Skype and the internet and cell phones. What in the world did we ever do without them?

I am not moving to Florida, my daughter will finish school in Staunton and LTD 7 will continue to reign as the number one gift shop in Staunton! Most of you DO know, I dream of the day when my husband and I retire and perhaps settle there, but that is in the future. Duane is going to come home as much as he can and we will travel there to see him some, too. Just like always, Staunton is my home and the growth of LTD 7 is my number one top career priority.

It has been a whirlwind of positives and new challenges lately and I am definitely up for the challenge. You know me. Please let any one of us at LTD 7 know if there is anything we can do for you. Your satisfaction and positive shopping experience is still our number one goal and we strive always to exceed your expectations.

There. Now you know. Now you have it-straight from the horse’s mouth. And, no, you cannot look inside my mouth and count my teeth. (wink)



Have a tremendous week everyone. Make sure to mark your calendars for the Fall Market on October 25th. I want to catch up with all of you and that is a perfect time to do so. Please continue to check our webpage for classes and sign up. We always have a grand time! And last but not least, our Facebook sales are stronger and more popular than ever. We have them every Monday and Thursday night and there have been some GREAT prizes won lately for “liking, commenting and sharing” our sales with your friends. Please join us at one or ALL of these events.

I will see you…soon. I promise.

Living the Dream,


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