Pillow Talk

A Conversation with Leslie Leedy, Owner of Leslie & Co.

Today I would like to introduce you to Leslie Leedy, a multi-talented artist whose artful pillow creations are featured at LTD2, our Rowe location. I love a good pillow, not only for the design elements they bring to a room, but also, many times, for the messages and scenes and colors they depict. A pillow is huggable art to me!

Leslie is a hairdresser by trade and just recently added a very special member of her family to her team. She also tells me she is branching out in her business. We are proud to introduce you to Leslie Leedy, owner of Leslie & Co, and another wonderful member of our Dream Team!

Living the Dream,





“What’s your story?” Tell us about your family and where you are from.


 I come from a family of artists – art and sewing have always been part of my life, from my grandmother’s carvings, pen & inks, and yarn work to my mother’s painting and quilts – but I have been working towards becoming a serious “wanna be” full-time creator within the last 10 years.

I’m originally from New Jersey but I say I grew up in Virginia, moving here when I was seventeen. The influences of my youth have help mold my love of art and marketing. Taking in the vibes of NYC are a large part of those influences.

I understand you are in business with your mother in law and that you are a hairdresser by trade. That’s an interesting combination.


Leslie & Co. pillows just recently came to be when my mother-in-law moved in with my husband and me.  I casually mentioned my yearning to create some pillows. My mother-in-law was extremely excited to use some of her time and expertise and meticulous sewing talents.

As of now, Leslie & Co. is a small one person hair studio with a part-time home-based pillow factory (meaning my house is a mess).  The positive side of our recent move from Virginia Beach to this area, is the time I have had to explore my true passions.

Tell us about your company. How did LTD 7 come into play with your business?

Leslie & Co. pillows are new being sold at LTD 7.2 in Staunton off I-81. I feel this shop is a great fit for us as they attract many travelers from throughout the country. Also, the loyal shoppers to LTD 7’s sister store in another part of Staunton are encouraged to visit both locations.

I met Lynne, owner of LTD, by chance – I had been searching for a store in this area that I felt met the “fit” for our pillows and art.  I had a large bag of pillows in my vehicle.  I was making cold-calls…pillow peddling, I call it.  Lynne wasn’t quite sure if we were a fit, but I pushed until she gave me an, “Ok, let’s try it.”  The Rowe Rd. location seemed a great fit for me – everything from management to LTD7’s dream team seemed right.

 Do you dream of branching out? What are your long range plans?


 I recognized the older I got, the more important my inner creative spirit drove me to become a more complete me. Leslie & Co. has recently dived into another creative avenue – recycling and painting furniture, and incorporating paints with fabrics and home décor to the pillow line. Things such as banners and vintage wallpaper art are all part of a whole vision

What would you like to share with dreamers like you? What one piece of advice would you say pushed you the furthest in your dream?

I read once that a true entrepreneur keeps moving toward a goal no matter how large or minimal it may seem to others. If your passion is real, the fruits of your labor will present themselves in a positive way for all the universe to enjoy.





This Little Piggy..Revisited


It’s that special time again…it comes around before I know it and it’s one of my very favorite LTD 7 activities!

Next weekend, Saturday October 17th, is LTD 7’s Fall Market!

Copy of October 17, 2015-2 copy

If you have been following us on Facebook, you are becoming familiar with this year’s lineup of visiting vendors that will be hosting booths. Each day we have been featuring one vendor. If you have been to one of our previous markets you know just how much fun happens right along with your Fall shopping. It really is one of the hallmark LTD 7 events!

LTD 7 booth Oct20140426_122902IMG_0358

If you are a “vendor in the making,” and thinking about our market or any market as one way to feature your goods and well, let’s be honest, make some $$$, then this blog is for you.

For the rest of us, let’s just plan to attend! The weather promises to be cooperative and we will have activities for the kiddos, so bring them along! There will be plenty of good food, great music and a ton of our friends will be there.

LTD 7’S Fall Market truly is a fantastic day and one not to be missed!

market 3


In one word: SELL!

Sign up.

Show up.


It may not be this year, and it may not be on your radar, but studies have shown that if you schedule an event as a vendor, you take your dreams and passion to the next level—You become a seller! From there, the sky is the limit. You have a scheduled task and you have gone from the planning stages to execution. That is a feat and one you will forever be proud of!

choice concept between love and money. 3D image.

For those of us who long to bring our passions and dreams to the center stage and make money in the process, signing up to be a vendor at a local market is one great pathway to success. Markets are surefire ways to test your product with the general public. Markets offer you a chance to hand out brochures and business cards and meet with other vendors. Markets bring you a readymade group of buyers and a chance to hear comments on your product. Customers shop with friends many times and they chat about your wares as they enter your booth. It’s a get ready, get set, and then go listen opportunity to learn what appeals to the shopper and what comments they make.

market 6

Don’t sit at home, wishing away your dreams and passions. Let your little piggy go to market!

market 9MARKET 8

You will meet other vendors; you will have an opportunity to see what other booths look like and you will, believe it or not, have the time of your life!

We will see all of you next weekend at LTD 7’s Fall Market!

Living the Dream,