A Person of Interest – Mugshots Squared

Today, I want to feature a man we have all come to know and love. As a local to Staunton, he can be found, around town, sometimes on a Harley. He’s a landscaper by profession. And a wonderful human being by design.


Many of you may remember him from Lee High class of 1981 or with his Bride and high school Sweetheart, Angie.

This man has a heart of gold, his family is his pride and joy,  his God is his guiding light. and he has an eye for our amazing landscape too. Not just any landscape, mind you, but the kind that captures your attention in the way that he sees it. His name is Mic Whitesell, and he is known and loved by all of us here at LTD 7 as the eye behind the camera of Mugshots Squared and the only male member of The Dream Team. Mic not only takes wonderful photos, but he has a way of with photo names as well. He captures our world in such a beautiful, fun, lighthearted way!  You can find many pictures framed and for sale in our downtown location of LTD 7 but please take the time to join his Instagram, his photos are amazing and far to many to feature at LTD 7. Any item you find can be framed or purchased. Contact LTD 7, Downtown.  Mic’s Instagram:

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.57.50 PM ~ Aug-7



Mic’s First baby Shower FullSizeRender

December is his busy time of year! 10539183_889233974444250_8121803981696963175_o

His beautiful Daughter6723_562111873898577_6668879911979023366_n

Mic’s Favorite View of the land13232907_1718256675115760_2477748878788784798_n

Enjoy my interview with Mic.

Living the Dream,



  1. How did you get started? “What’s your story?”

I have always taken pictures. I probably started shooting around the age of ten.  My brother and I had a bathroom that was turned into a darkroom when we were young. I used a 35mm camera until the camera phone evolved.

I have worked outside all of my life. I think my relationship with nature influenced my “like” of subject matter. Some of you may or may not know that my real occupation is a landscape gardener. I have been self-employed for many years, but now work for a major healthcare organization doing pretty much the same.

A few years back, I was persuaded to join and use social media as an outlet for my hobby. I was reluctant at first, but soon, I was hooked. By popular demand, and with the encouragement of LTD 7, I started Mugshots2. All of my pictures are taken with my camera phone.

“A-Mazing  Morning”13932679_1748682748739819_6888208334683998524_n

“Downtown Drops”



“Brace Face”13906901_1749457695328991_3975805934066922783_n

  1. Is this a full time gig? Do you think some day it will be?

Yes and no. I take photos all the time. Some days the totals for photos shot can reach in the hundreds. Maybe I will go full time, someday… anything is possible.

  1. You use an iPhone? Are you telling people that you support Apple phones for this kind of endeavor? Will any camera phone work?

 My first camera phone was a Samsung Galaxy. I was satisfied with the results, but due to a mishap (H2O) it had to be replaced. My new phone just happened to be an iPhone 4. I became comfortable with it. Since then, I have upgraded to an iPhone 6s. Is it any better? I don’t know; they all have advantages and disadvantages. I feel you should use whatever you have and make the most out of it.

  1. Where would you most like to shoot?

I take pictures of anything-anywhere. In January, my family and I visited Hawaii for a couple of weeks. The abundance of subject matter there was unbelievable. I took over 6,500 photos!

Mostly, I enjoy exploring our area right here at home, photographing what I term “overlooked subject matter.”

“Around downtown”


5. What is the biggest obstacle to pursuing this dream of yours?

 In one word: Money.

6. Do you ever encounter resistance from the public?

Not really. I just use common sense. And I always ask permission.

  1. What is the most unusual thing that has ever happened to you while shooting? G Rated, of course.

I stopped to take photographs of some rusty cars on my way home from work one evening, only to find a couple months later I was a “Person of Interest” in a robbery case on the same property. I was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing.( Thus the name of his company)

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.57.38 PM ~ Aug-7


Wherever he travels, he takes LTD 7 with him 🙂


  1. What would you like to share with dreamers like you? What one piece of advice would you say pushed you the furthest in this dream?

 I would say, just “Do It!” If what you want makes you happy…then be happy. Don’t procrastinate. Even if your dream doesn’t turn in your favor, at least you tried. You can learn from your mistakes and be better.

The name, “LTD 7” says it all. “Living the Dream”

Thank you Mic!

Mic Whitesell iphone Photography










To Market to Market

market 12

It’s that time again! Have you read, or heard, or seen the news? LTD 7 is hosting its annual Spring Market on Saturday, April 30th, from 10am to 4 pm. I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the pictures from past markets we have held. They are always so much fun!


For those of you that are relatively new to our LTD 7 Markets, perhaps having just been introduced to LTD 7 and our event, via Grandma’s Bait, I want to encourage you to plan to attend the festivities. We are sure to have something for everyone, including the children!

We love having these markets! It allows us to meet and greet other vendors that we don’t have in our stores. It brings together friends and family from near and far.


The place is overflowing with friends, young and old, searching for good eats, companionship, activities for the kids and that special goodie from our sales vendors.

blog 24

We hold the markets at the LTD 7 location on Augusta Street. It has a large parking lot that is filled to capacity with vendor tents, exhibits, face painting, musicians, and yummy food. In addition, LTD 7 is open with sales and specials galore!


Ask anyone who has been to an LTD 7 Market about our Sales Wheel…and plan to spin it for extra added savings.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.31.57 PM ~ Apr-17

There will be a photographer for that vintage picture of the children and, if that is not something that you want, I have even seen some of you take stunning outdoor photographs among the brightly colored tents and displays.


You can come for an hour, or plan to stay most of the day. If you want to know beforehand who our guest vendors will be, pay close attention to Facebook in the coming week, where I introduce them all to you, one by one. LTD 7 only accepts vendors who run a small business with high quality handmade, vintage, antiques, repurposed, or upcycled goods.

I started last week featuring our vendors on Facebook with detailed information and fun facts and you can find these write-ups here:


It has been our pleasure in past Markets to award one Non Profit 10% of our net proceeds from the Market. This year is no exception. This year, we will donate to THE DAILY LIVING CENTER.  The Daily Living Center is a licensed adult day health care serving the Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County area for over 27 years. The Daily Living Center prevents the pre-mature placement in a long-term care facility or institution—enhancing the quality of life of our participants and their caregivers, keeping them at home with their families and in our community!



The bi-annual Outdoor Spring Market at LTD 7 is tons of old fashioned fun, quality vendors, food, and music for the entire family!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.51.36 PM ~ Apr-17

This is an event you don’t want to miss!

Living the Dream,


This Little Piggy..Revisited


It’s that special time again…it comes around before I know it and it’s one of my very favorite LTD 7 activities!

Next weekend, Saturday October 17th, is LTD 7’s Fall Market!

Copy of October 17, 2015-2 copy

If you have been following us on Facebook, you are becoming familiar with this year’s lineup of visiting vendors that will be hosting booths. Each day we have been featuring one vendor. If you have been to one of our previous markets you know just how much fun happens right along with your Fall shopping. It really is one of the hallmark LTD 7 events!

LTD 7 booth Oct20140426_122902IMG_0358

If you are a “vendor in the making,” and thinking about our market or any market as one way to feature your goods and well, let’s be honest, make some $$$, then this blog is for you.

For the rest of us, let’s just plan to attend! The weather promises to be cooperative and we will have activities for the kiddos, so bring them along! There will be plenty of good food, great music and a ton of our friends will be there.

LTD 7’S Fall Market truly is a fantastic day and one not to be missed!

market 3


In one word: SELL!

Sign up.

Show up.


It may not be this year, and it may not be on your radar, but studies have shown that if you schedule an event as a vendor, you take your dreams and passion to the next level—You become a seller! From there, the sky is the limit. You have a scheduled task and you have gone from the planning stages to execution. That is a feat and one you will forever be proud of!

choice concept between love and money. 3D image.

For those of us who long to bring our passions and dreams to the center stage and make money in the process, signing up to be a vendor at a local market is one great pathway to success. Markets are surefire ways to test your product with the general public. Markets offer you a chance to hand out brochures and business cards and meet with other vendors. Markets bring you a readymade group of buyers and a chance to hear comments on your product. Customers shop with friends many times and they chat about your wares as they enter your booth. It’s a get ready, get set, and then go listen opportunity to learn what appeals to the shopper and what comments they make.

market 6

Don’t sit at home, wishing away your dreams and passions. Let your little piggy go to market!

market 9MARKET 8

You will meet other vendors; you will have an opportunity to see what other booths look like and you will, believe it or not, have the time of your life!

We will see all of you next weekend at LTD 7’s Fall Market!

Living the Dream,