Let’s see it “Once Again”

Continuing with our Featured Vendor Series this week, I’d like to introduce you to Carolyn Snell, Owner of “Once Again” and our very own LTD 7 distributor for Paint Couture products.  Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 3.27.12 PM ~ Aug-14
What I love most about Carolyn and her story is her hard working spirit, her faith and her great love of family. Take a look at how circumstances-being in the right place at the right time- played a role in her digging deeper into her passion. (Pictured below is Carolyn volunteering her time on a mission trip this year)

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 3.20.03 PM ~ Aug-14

Moreover, just like Mic of Mugshots Squared, last week’s featured artist, the funny thing about a passion and a dream, and the common thread, is that sometimes (most times) our passions and dreams follow us pretty much all of our lives. Conditions might not be ideal for a full time pursuit of our dream, but Carolyn is another wonderful example of the power of our passions and how the light inside us never dims, but instead compels us to be true to our heart’s passion and “live the dream.”

Let’s find out more. Below is Carolyn, in her own words. Enjoy her story!

Living the Dream,

 1. Even though you express yourself through your work, our readers would love to know more about you. Tell us where you are from, if you are married, any children, grandchildren.

I am from the Lyndhurst area. I am married and have two wonderful boys and two grandbabies, Jackson and Madelyn. My youngest son will be married next year and then I will have two more grandchildren, Chloe and Ayden.


  1. What is your special dream business and how did you get started in it? What’s your “story?”

Ever since I took a class in high school, I have enjoyed “refurbishing” furniture in one way or another. I was introduced to painting furniture when I took a class entitled “Paint Your Own Piece.” Then, about two years ago, I met Lynne when my son and his girlfriend took a class with her, using Paint Couture.


  1. This is not a full time job for you. Do you think some day it will be? Why or why not?

I hope that someday my business will be at a level where it would be my only job. I have just taken a BIG leap of faith and will be switching to part-time in my 30 year career as a licensed optician to care for my mother more and allow me more time to chase my dream make it a full time reality. 

  1. You are the distributor for Paint Couture. What makes this paint special to you? Won’t just any furniture paint do? Why or why not?

 I love Paint Couture because of the diverse finishes that can be achieved. It is a very beautiful paint that, once dry, is extremely durable. I like the fact that it is a “system of products” designed to work together to achieve the finish you desire. You can go “primitive,” “elegant,” or “shabby chic.” I also like the fact that you don’t have to strip off the previous finish. All you have to do is clean it well and then you can begin!


  1. What would you most like to get your hands on for renovation/painting?

I think right now I would love to transform an entire kitchen-cabinets and walls!

  1. What is the biggest obstacle/hurdle you have to pursuing this special dream of yours full time?

Money and Time!


  1. Where does your inspiration come from?

Paint Couture has a Distributor Page and I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from there. I also get ideas and inspiration from my favorite magazine, Southern Living.


  1. What advice would you like to share with dreamers like you? What one piece of wisdom or lesson that you learned would you say pushed you the furthest in this dream?

 I would say: Never Give Up! I am still not there yet, but I am closer than when I started. There has been so much to learn, but in two years, I feel I have come a long way.

What has pushed me the furthest is my belief that God gave me the dream and He opened the door for me when I met Lynne at LTD 7. My faith assures me that God will be alongside me to guide and direst my path. With Him, all things are possible!



A Person of Interest – Mugshots Squared

Today, I want to feature a man we have all come to know and love. As a local to Staunton, he can be found, around town, sometimes on a Harley. He’s a landscaper by profession. And a wonderful human being by design.


Many of you may remember him from Lee High class of 1981 or with his Bride and high school Sweetheart, Angie.

This man has a heart of gold, his family is his pride and joy,  his God is his guiding light. and he has an eye for our amazing landscape too. Not just any landscape, mind you, but the kind that captures your attention in the way that he sees it. His name is Mic Whitesell, and he is known and loved by all of us here at LTD 7 as the eye behind the camera of Mugshots Squared and the only male member of The Dream Team. Mic not only takes wonderful photos, but he has a way of with photo names as well. He captures our world in such a beautiful, fun, lighthearted way!  You can find many pictures framed and for sale in our downtown location of LTD 7 but please take the time to join his Instagram, his photos are amazing and far to many to feature at LTD 7. Any item you find can be framed or purchased. Contact LTD 7, Downtown.  Mic’s Instagram:

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.57.50 PM ~ Aug-7



Mic’s First baby Shower FullSizeRender

December is his busy time of year! 10539183_889233974444250_8121803981696963175_o

His beautiful Daughter6723_562111873898577_6668879911979023366_n

Mic’s Favorite View of the land13232907_1718256675115760_2477748878788784798_n

Enjoy my interview with Mic.

Living the Dream,



  1. How did you get started? “What’s your story?”

I have always taken pictures. I probably started shooting around the age of ten.  My brother and I had a bathroom that was turned into a darkroom when we were young. I used a 35mm camera until the camera phone evolved.

I have worked outside all of my life. I think my relationship with nature influenced my “like” of subject matter. Some of you may or may not know that my real occupation is a landscape gardener. I have been self-employed for many years, but now work for a major healthcare organization doing pretty much the same.

A few years back, I was persuaded to join and use social media as an outlet for my hobby. I was reluctant at first, but soon, I was hooked. By popular demand, and with the encouragement of LTD 7, I started Mugshots2. All of my pictures are taken with my camera phone.

“A-Mazing  Morning”13932679_1748682748739819_6888208334683998524_n

“Downtown Drops”



“Brace Face”13906901_1749457695328991_3975805934066922783_n

  1. Is this a full time gig? Do you think some day it will be?

Yes and no. I take photos all the time. Some days the totals for photos shot can reach in the hundreds. Maybe I will go full time, someday… anything is possible.

  1. You use an iPhone? Are you telling people that you support Apple phones for this kind of endeavor? Will any camera phone work?

 My first camera phone was a Samsung Galaxy. I was satisfied with the results, but due to a mishap (H2O) it had to be replaced. My new phone just happened to be an iPhone 4. I became comfortable with it. Since then, I have upgraded to an iPhone 6s. Is it any better? I don’t know; they all have advantages and disadvantages. I feel you should use whatever you have and make the most out of it.

  1. Where would you most like to shoot?

I take pictures of anything-anywhere. In January, my family and I visited Hawaii for a couple of weeks. The abundance of subject matter there was unbelievable. I took over 6,500 photos!

Mostly, I enjoy exploring our area right here at home, photographing what I term “overlooked subject matter.”

“Around downtown”


5. What is the biggest obstacle to pursuing this dream of yours?

 In one word: Money.

6. Do you ever encounter resistance from the public?

Not really. I just use common sense. And I always ask permission.

  1. What is the most unusual thing that has ever happened to you while shooting? G Rated, of course.

I stopped to take photographs of some rusty cars on my way home from work one evening, only to find a couple months later I was a “Person of Interest” in a robbery case on the same property. I was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing.( Thus the name of his company)

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.57.38 PM ~ Aug-7


Wherever he travels, he takes LTD 7 with him 🙂


  1. What would you like to share with dreamers like you? What one piece of advice would you say pushed you the furthest in this dream?

 I would say, just “Do It!” If what you want makes you happy…then be happy. Don’t procrastinate. Even if your dream doesn’t turn in your favor, at least you tried. You can learn from your mistakes and be better.

The name, “LTD 7” says it all. “Living the Dream”

Thank you Mic!

Mic Whitesell iphone Photography









Its a Wrap: LTD 7 Spring Market

blog 8

My secret photographer, (a/k/a the man with the beard that is married to my mother), got some great views of our Spring Market at LTD 7 today. See if you can spot someone you know! (P.S. Thanks, Dad!)

market collage


The place was rockin’ and rollin,’ wasn’t it? So many of you were able join us and it made my heart sing! It was a blast and I loved seeing everyone! Thanks to all of you who stopped by and shopped with our visiting vendors. This is how we support those who are connected to their passion and living out their dreams.

I am thrilled and honored that LTD 7 was also able to recognize and support The Daily Living Center, Virginia. We strongly believe in sharing our blessings and giving back to the community. But you must know, the only way we can do this is by being supported by you-the customers! You are the tick in our clock, the orange in our juice and the pea in our pod.


We love you!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you-from all of us at LTD 7!

Living the Dream,



Kangaroo Jumps

“Every successful person in this world has jumped.”

                                                                     Steve Harvey


“If you ever see someone soaring by you…they are likely pursuing their passion.” So says Steve Harvey in his latest YouTube video entitled, “Jump.” He discusses how we can take small actions to move in the direction of our passions and that’s what I like most about his message: our actions can be small!

We don’t have to quit our full time job in order to pursue our dreams. We can use the time we spend on our hobby (passion) and sign up for a class, or apply to be a one-time vendor at a craft show. We can sell a few of our pieces of our art or jewelry on Etsy or eBay. We can buy a book and read about the next step in reaching our goal.

You see, it’s usually our hobbies that are our passions. If there’s already something in your life that fills you with excitement, joy, and self-worth, why not try turning that hobby or activity into a successful endeavor? Though it may scare you to make a big life change, if you know there’s something you already love, spend more time pursuing it to see if it’s really your passion and if it can be taken to the next level.


Your hobby could be anything, from ceramics, painting, or poetry, to teaching yoga or screen printing. If you can’t make money with your passion (like running marathons, for example), then you can find a way to make that hobby the central passion of your life by getting involved in the running world in some other way.

You can transition slowly into spending more time doing your favorite hobby to see if it’s your passion. If you’re afraid to drop everything and devote yourself to this hobby full time, just take baby steps. Remember that you are not required to do something for a living to make it your passion.


Once you know your passion, you are ready to take kangaroo jumps. You can research the business side of your dream. Just remember that there is no action in not taking action…let your desires and passions make you persistent in those needed steps and set a few deadlines and work towards them. The only way to soar is to jump. If you can start now, do so without hesitation!

Do the thing you’ve always dreamed about. No matter how gutsy, risky, or impractical that thing may be, you should work hard to make your dream a reality. Who knows – maybe you’ll try salsa dancing and will realize it’s not the thing for you, or you’ll travel to the Galapagos Islands and will feel uninspired. However, it is more likely that by being brave and doing the thing you’ve always dreamed about, you’ll be lighting that spark that ignites you.


Don’t just dive into an instinct for a passion you have full force. Everything takes patience, careful planning, and a lot of dedication. Take kangaroo jumps-baby steps. Move towards your passion simply and calmly. A jump can be as simple as research, talking to people that are doing what you love, taking a class, opening a savings account or putting coins in a jar to save up for your dream.

kang 6

Be determined to pursue your dream, in spite of practical and financial constraints. Make a plan that allows you to try your dream out, even if it’s only for a little while. It could take a while to save up to pursue this dream or to make the proper arrangements, but it will be worth it.


Put some action into your passion. Tell everyone about it and have a tremendous week!

Living the Dream,










First We Dream

Happy New Year!


As you break out the 2016 calendar, you’re probably thinking about the year ahead and wondering what it will hold. You might even be deciding on those resolutions you need to make. Or you’ll get to them later. Or maybe you’ll just eat some leftovers. Looking back at the past and looking forward to the future can be stressful! But the great part about this is we can do this “dreaming” even under a pile of newspapers and sale ads, or a pile of laundry, old mail and wrapping paper.

I talk a lot about dreams on this blog and at LTD 7 (Living. The. Dream.) So what better time is there for me to reflect on goal setting for me and for LTD 7? We all know goal setting better as “New Year’s resolutions.” But whatever what you choose to call them, this January, 2016 is simply a time when we can reassess the past year and set goals for the coming year. Let’s open the new chapter in front of us and appreciate its clean white space.  This chapter is called Opportunity and it starts today….


Most people, and I am one of them, tend to focus their goals in just one or two areas, like losing weight (physical) or getting out of debt (financial). But there are actually seven areas in which we can set goals and resolutions. I do okay with a few of them, and I get stuck on a few, too. Even if you don’t know what you want for yourself, yet, there are proven strategies that can help. I use them all the time! These techniques work no matter where you stand in your current situation or what you’re up against going forward, even if you have limited experience with self-improvement and personal development tactics. And even if you don’t know what you really want for yourself…yet.

Let’s walk through them.

Intellectual: Goals in this area might include reading more books or going back to school to get an MBA.

Physical: This one’s pretty obvious. You may want to lose weight, go on a diet, spend more time at the gym, etc.

Spiritual: This may mean spending more time in the Bible or getting more plugged in at church.

Family: Maybe you want to start going on a monthly date night or taking the kids out once a week.

Social: Goals in the social category might include putting yourself out there a little more—saying yes to more parties, or maybe occasionally saying no!

Dream: Is it time for a career change? Or maybe it’s time to start your career. You might also want to set a goal to finally get that promotion or a well-deserved raise. You might decide that this is the year you begin to LIVE YOUR DREAM.

Financial: We all know this one! Bills, budgets, goals, college, vacations, etc.

Here’s the truth about these seven areas. You won’t naturally feel like setting goals in all of them. Some will be easy. Other will be hard. I don’t have any problem with setting family, social and career goals. But intellectual goals and physical goals for me…well, that’s a different story.

Keep all of this in mind as you make your 2016 goals. Pay attention to these seven areas, and remember that it won’t always be easy! But if you make it a priority, you can accomplish what you aim for in the next year.

Let’s explore one particular goal in more detail. It’s the DREAM GOAL and it goes something like this:

Effective. Confident. Energetic. Successful. Connected. Clear-headed. Courageous. Comfortable in your skin. Free from habits that hold you back. Propelled by a sense of purpose. Secure in your zone of inner, creative genius. Driven by your true potential to the point of realizing your dreams. Awakened to the positive changes you’re making in your life and the lives around you on a major scale. Slim, trim, and uninterested in French fries. Yada, Yada, Yada. But seriously, how many times have you wished these qualities would just wash over you, and that you’d wake up one day as an unstoppable version of YOU-the one that is living his or her dream and is realizing their potential.

This year I am ready to push LTD 7 (and myself) even higher. So cheers to the year ahead and another chance to get it right. Write down those goals and resolutions. And then start working on them, one day at a time. A successful year is waiting.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. That’s right, when it means enough to you, then you can do it. When you are willing and committed and persistent, you will get yourself there-every single time. It may take loads of time and buckets of patience, but it’s far better to be exhausted from lots of effort and learning, than to be tired from doing nothing.

I pull out this set of “instructions” I have put together over the years (from the internet powers that be) every January and they help me focus on my dreams and goals for the coming year. I wanted to share them with you. Here are a few of the things I use to springboard myself into what should be a big year for me personally and professionally.

Let’s call them:

LTD 7’s 2016 Inspirations and Kick Starts

dream 7

  1. Begin. – Remember the feeling you get from taking the first step is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around thinking about it.  So get up and get moving.  Take the first step this year – just one small step forward.  The greatest miracle of your success will not be that you finished, it will be that you had the courage to begin.


2. Let mistakes stay where they belong. –There’s a reason the rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield. Looking at what’s ahead is more important than looking at what’s behind you. Yes, you need to take responsibility for your past, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay there. You can’t be excited about the future if you’re living in the land of regret!

 3. Let experience teach you. –Whether it’s those mistakes you’ve made or the unexpected trials that knocked you off your feet, learning from them can be fuel for future success. When asked about his many failed inventions, Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” Failure deepens your compassion, forgiveness and empathy. It can give you more self-awareness, improve your skills, and motivate you to work harder.


4.  Work hard on the essential. – Don’t be busy, be productive.  Don’t track your time, track your results.  Put first things first and get them done.  And don’t expect your goal to be easy; it’s supposed to be hard.  If it wasn’t hard you would already have it completed, and so would everyone else.  The hard part is what makes it worthwhile.  In life there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

dream 3
5.  Stay true to your path. – A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others.  You have to do what’s right for you; no one else walks in your shoes.  Keep moving forward, beyond the negative rhetoric echoing from the peanut gallery.  Do what you have to do, for you.  Live a life you are proud of.  And the moment you realize you’re not, find the strength to start over again on a new path.

 dream66.Nurture your self-confidence. – You have everything you need within you to become the best possible version of YOU.  Believe that you CAN.  Believe that you’re capable of pushing harder and farther than you have before.  Believe that you’re young enough, old enough, smart enough and strong enough to achieve your goals.  Don’t let false beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself.  And certainly don’t get sidetracked by the people around you who are not on track

7. Be sincerely kind to those around you. – Kindness in words creates positivity.  Kindness in thinking creates confidence.  Kindness in giving creates love. Kindness is power. Through kindness you have the ability to make a profound difference in every life you touch, including your own.  When you guide someone who is lost and confused, when you hold someone who is sad and grieving, when you hug someone who has lost all their hope, you too will feel yourself healing and growing stronger.  Remember, the vast majority of positive changes come about in someone’s life simply because one other person cared. When you choose gratitude, you enjoy better relationships, feel better physically and emotionally, improve your self-esteem, and even sleep better at night. There are no downsides to seeing through the lens of gratefulness, but the benefits can radically improve your life!

Be that other person when you can. Set a good example. It’s not about what you say; it’s about how you live your life every day.  The people who look up to you are watching you all the time.  These people are like sponges – what they see or feel you do, they will imitate.  So remember that your words mean a lot less than what you’re doing.  Choose to believe that you can and will change lives with what you do each day, and you will.  Let your actions speak for themselves. Let gratitude decide your outlook.

8.  Accept the things you can’t change. – What you resist will persist.  If you are resisting something, you are feeding it.  Any energy you actively fight, you are feeding.  If you are using negative energy to push something away, you are inviting it to stay. Choose to accept what is, be positive and proactive, let go of the need to control every tiny detail, and embrace peace in the process.
dream 4

I can’t tell you that any of these are easy, because they are NOT! I didn’t make these up. I have just compiled them for my own personal use. I am not better than anyone else and I struggle. If you’re struggling with any of this, know that you are not alone. Many of us are right there with you, working hard to feel better, think more clearly, and get and keep our lives and our special dreams on track.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started welcoming 2016 and the dreamer in each of us! Do you have any New Year traditions on reflecting on the past and setting goals or making plans for the coming year that I can add to my “list?”

Are you ready to live your dream?

dream 9

Living the Dream,



Dave Ramsey, the Minimalist Mom & Rachel Cruze



We talk a lot about dreams on this blog. This weekend we honor a man most notably remembered for his dream: Mr. Martin Luther King.


I sign my posts, “Living the Dream,” and I opened the doors to a special shop with the same initials: LTD 7, my dream store. I didn’t always know this would be where and how my dream would come true. If you would have asked me ten years ago what my dream was, it would have had the same theme, but it probably wouldn’t have been specifically what it has turned into today. Dreams have a funny way of changing right before our eyes.

Used to be, I hit a whole bunch of walls on the way to my dream. Doors closed sometimes and I didn’t see the window that was opening, often for a very long time. I run by the seat of my pants and I am known to be quite sentimental and always up for a cause. There were many times in my life that my “dream” just wasn’t practical or even plausible. But that never kept me from having the dream and holding hope close.

I am here today to tell you that dreams do come true.


I was dismayed to read a headline just the other day. The article was titled: An Earthquake in Retail.” Well, that caught my eye…both of them, in fact. No one wants to think of an “earthquake” and then “retail” in the same sentence—especially me.

The article listed well-known stores that are coming to the end of their reign as top retail markets. Likely you have shopped in them, many times. While most of the stores that are being shuttered are in Canada, the trickledown theory cannot be far behind. Stores like Sears and JC Penny and Macys are ones we all think of as institutions in the retail world and they have taught me a lot.

These were iconic stores with founders who once had a dream. The original owners are perhaps deceased or have gone on to other things, but when you have a dream, it really never leaves you. So I paused for a moment to wish the successors well as they move on to other dreams.


What is it that gets you out of bed of a morning? What is your passion? What do you, personally, hope to have happen, if all your dreams came true? And I am not talking about having the bathroom to yourself, or time for one cup of coffee before running out the door in the morning. I am talking about the dream you have in your heart…you know the one—the one that really never leaves you.

dream 2

Is your dream in a faraway place? Is it something you put down on paper? Is it warm there? What are you doing when you see yourself in your dream setting? How do you look? What are you wearing? What color is the sky? What jewelry do you have on? Is someone nearby?

If you can see it, you can believe it.


Thanks to Martin Luther King for having a dream. Thanks to all of you for allowing me to live mine.

Dream until your dreams come true.

Living the Dream,



go big

Has it hit you—the holiday madness? Have you started buying your gifts? Is the tree up? Are the lights on the house? How many more sprigs do you need to fill out last year’s wreath that got smashed in the Rubbermaid bin?

Is your end of year calendar full of class parties, sports banquets, recitals, choir practices (plural) and holiday parties and guests that will arrive in no time flat? Do you want me to stop reminding you of all the things left to do in the shortened holiday season?

Ok, I will. I will stop right now, because I have a plan. It’s called “go big or go home.” Read on.

Holiday Yoga
I’m closing my eyes tight these days, because if I blink it’s going to be the New Year way before I’m ready. If it makes you feel any better, my tree is not up, my wreath is being replaced by one from LTD 7 and my gingerbread house will look something like this:

image (43)
I think it’s common for the cobbler’s kids to have no shoes. LTD 7 may be beautiful and stocked and ready for the season, but I’m just like you: I feel the shortened season and am behind (or so I thought) with my own personal holiday goals.

My inbox is full again. I have to share. As the title suggests, some of you ARE ready and massively admired by the rest of us. For those of you, the Internet has wonderful compilations of hundreds of ideas to spark your passions and get those crafty hands working. Large groups of bloggers put together their top ideas and all together you can come up with a host of holiday ideas. I can only DREAM of doing these projects. If you have a chance to try any of them, do share them with us at LTD 7. We would love to see them!

For the rest of us, the HOLIDAY TO DO LIST has fast become “triaged.” We have to quickly pick the things we must do, like mail out-of-town gifts and cards and buy for the kiddos and the squeeze and leave the decorating like the magazines do, for next year. Believe me, I get it.

And it’s O-K! Read that sentence three times a day. Rinse and repeat.

It is absolutely O-K. Maybe, just maybe, at least for me, what needs to change is the list. Maybe what I need to do, sometimes, instead of “going big” is GO HOME, as the title of this blog suggests.

I saw this amazing list on the Internet and it totally resonated with me. Maybe you have seen it, too. After I saved it, I thought about it—a lot—and all of a sudden it made me feel OK about the holidays. I have a copy on my fridge to see and remind myself—every day.

Going big might just mean what it says: go home. Home is where the heart is and sometimes when we become frenetic and the pace is sure to beat us down, the absolute best place to be is HOME. So, go big and go home. Rest and relax and know that your best is absolutely that: your best and that is ENOUGH.

image (52)

Isn’t this list just totally perfect? It makes me feel OK. It makes me feel better than okay; it makes me feel that my heart is in the right place and I really do have more under control than I think I do. It makes me joyous again. It makes me charitable. It makes me thankful. It makes the holidays meaningful. Isn’t that exactly what it is supposed to do?

So, when the going gets tough over the next few weeks, think about this list. Reflect upon it and relax. You and I are exactly where we need to be doing exactly what we need to be doing. We can pack the anxiety and the not done items away in the empty holiday bins and enjoy the season.


If the kiddos can’t wait…if they are anxious and under foot this season, I do have a plan for them too. LTD 7 is hosting a DECORATE A COOKIE event next Saturday & Shhh, don’t tell the kids but Rudolph will be making an appearance from 10-1 too.  It has always been a huge success! I would encourage you to reserve a spot today. We need to have ample supplies, so we need to know if you are coming and how many little ones you are bringing. Call the store for reservations. Just think: You can shop while they decorate and you can use the cookie…if they don’t eat it…for a tree decoration. We clean the mess; we have the supplies and all you need to do is bring the decorators.

IMG_1266 IMG_1277 IMG_1297

I did find a couple more ideas for simple at home crafts and easy plans for you to enjoy over the next few weeks. Come on…you know you still wanna decorate and make something. (wink) And, if the kids can hardly wait, here are a few sweet craft ideas for the special kiddos who wrote their list ten months ago and absolutely cannot wait for school to be out and the cousins to arrive on December 25th.

image (48)

Check them out:

This is fun for all ages. Buy a few ornaments at the Dollar Store and some inexpensive white paint and have a wonderful craft right at “hand.”

image (44)

Decorate white gift bags with old ribbon scraps and old holiday cards cut to fit. It is a perfect touch and a wonderful projrct for the older “children.” I want to make a few of these myself.

image (42)

Do you have some spare scarves in your closet? Do you have too many scarves to wear all at once? Maybe you have bought a few too many at LTD 7 this year…impossible, I know. How about tying some of your old ones around items in your home to festive things up? That’s a quick and easy touch that is sure to please.

image (47)

Quick and easy gifts to set out for the unexpected guest, or the teacher or friend who loves candy apples. Buy a bag of apples and a couple bags of caramel from the grocer and knock out a few of these delectable treats. So yummy! So easy!

image (45)

One simple sprig…just look at its effect in the next picture. One simple lovely yard sprig and an ornament left over from the painted project above and you have instant “holiday.” I LOVE this!

image (49)

Do you have a container in the basement? A wooden box? Add a few candles and sprigs and a couple ornaments tossed in and voila, a wonderful table decoration or centerpiece. Honestly, these are a few of my favorite things and ones that don’t take forever to create.

image (51)

Remember our sprig wreaths from Halloween? Change them out. Simple and beautiful!


Have you visited Santa? How did that go? Do you know that sometimes the best laid plans go amuck? Do you also know that you are never too old to sit on Santa’s lap and ask for what brings your heart JOY? Sometimes the tired child ( in all of us) who is overrun with excitement and needs a nap, makes for the most wonderful pictures…ones that the family will enjoy for years to come. Trust me, I know! Don’t beat yourself up if the photo session is not all you wanted it to be. I could just eat these babies right up they are so sweet!

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Make your list. Mail it. Trust in it. Know that you are in control this season. Believe that you have done enough.

Make time to dream…for isn’t that what the holidays are all about? Revive those dreams you have and picture your wonderful self standing in line at the mailbox waiting to post them. Make this season a wonderful time. If you can dream it, you can do it. I promise. Now close those eyes and start dreaming.

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Living the Dream,