Less is More


Have you bought your turkey? Have you figured out your table décor? Have you planned “who is sitting where?” Do you know when you will start cooking? How many pies will you need? Have you thought about all the things you are thankful for? I know I have.

Truth is, these are the questions that matter this week. What also matters (a whole lot) is how relaxed we are with the guests and the meal preparation. What matters, to me, most of all, is that the day and the season be one of thankfulness. It is a time of reflection. Thanksgiving is a day when we can stop, reflect back on the year and our many blessings and simply and completely give thanks.

give thanks

I am so incredibly thankful for the many blessings that you, our customer, have bestowed on LTD 7. I might have had the “dream”…but it would not have been possible without you. You are part and parcel of my vision and LTD 7’s growth in the community and I am blessed beyond belief for your support and patronage.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not count my blessings. I might be on the road buying for the store or planning the next Facebook sale, or attending a meeting, but at the end of the day, it all comes back to you, our customer. You start the wheel rolling and keep us on the path of bringing you the best in vintage goods, trendy new styles and eclectic mixes of gifts and jewelry and furniture—the goods that only LTD 7 can combine under one roof.

I am so thankful for my vendors. They are the touch of wonderful and wonderment that makes LTD 7 so unique. While some may think that I am opening doors for them, in fact, they have opened so many doors for me. Our combined talents have taken LTD 7 on such creative and unusual ventures and I would be lost without them. Thank you to the vendors of LTD 7, and the many visiting vendors we have hosted along the way.

I would be remiss if I did not mention how incredibly thankful I am for my awesome and wonderful TEAM. They are the most talented and creative and personable group of women I have ever worked with! I love each of them for their unique talents and the way they sprinkle their special blend of giving on LTD 7. The  team  at LTD 7 is truly one of a kind and I love them like family.

On this eve, eve, eve, eve before we sit down and break bread with family and friends, I want to especially extend a cornucopia of thanks to each of YOU for allowing me to Live the Dream.

blessed 2

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We will be closed on Thanksgiving to spend time with our families and friends and we will reopen bright and early on Friday. We will be getting ready for Small Business Saturday.


It is our blend of “Black Friday,” minus the crowds and specials on televisions. We will have stupendous sales, special snacks and many unbelievable bargains. I would encourage you to stop in on Small Business Saturday, November 29th, to see LTD 7 in full bloom and stocked to the top of the rafters with holiday selections sure to please the most discriminating buyer.

We might be small, and “less large” than the box stores…but we are definitely “more.” Come in and see why Less IS More.

Small Business Saturday at LTD 7 is sure to kick off the season in grand fashion and we want to share it all with you. It’s a short buying season this year, with only a few weeks before the holidays. Come often and come soon to begin to cross off those names on your buying list. We are ready and waiting to see you.

When you walk in the door of LTD 7 or grace us with your online presence, rest assured you are the Customer of the Day at LTD 7 and we are glad to see you, grateful to know you and pleased to offer you our goods. We are thankful for you, each and every day!

Let me be real specific. I am thankful each time you “like” a Facebook post. I am grateful you follow us on Instagram. I am blessed when you pull in and park and stop by to say hello or buy a cupcake or two or three. I am thankful when you attend our classes and workshops. I am thankful for your “curb alerts” and thinking of us as you declutter your homes. I am thankful for the pictures you share wearing your LTD 7 purchases. I am thankful you bring your children with you. I am thankful when you tell your friends about us and bring them by. I am thankful when you come to our markets and attend our special events, and I am grateful when you share a great idea you see on Pinterest with us. I am just not kidding, folks…I am SO SO SO thankful for you!

Listen to us closely as you check out with your purchases. We always say “Thanks,” and we truly mean it. We are so thankful for you and how beautifully we have all come together in this small and special town. Thank you for your love and support of LTD 7 and for all of your many special friendships.

We are all chasing something and I love and marvel at the idea that we are all one big happy family at LTD 7. Our dreams are your dreams.


Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone! I will see you very soon.

Living the Dream,