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Shoptiques-missionHave you ever been browsing the magazines at the beauty shop or doctor’s office and seen page after page of darling boutiques—places that if only for an airline ticket and a vacation, you would visit in a heartbeat—small, quaint boutiques that “have your name written all over them?”

Well, folks, hold onto your trousers, because LTD 7 is about to bring all things global to you! We are soon going to be in full launch mode in a venture with Shoptiques, and I am over the moon excited about this new global undertaking! Fashion is just one small portion of LTD 7 but it’s one we have fun with and we are excited to offer even more items online for you.

9-shoptiques CEO and founder, Olga Vidisheva, is looking to bring the world’s fashion boutiques under one virtual roof. That online retail platform Shoptiques managed to grab a spot on FORBES Magazine’s 2015 list of America’s Most Promising Companies with only $3 million in revenue shows the company’s got some things going for it: namely growth, investors and a really cool idea.

Shoptiques has been featured in just about every venue: from Elle magazine to The New York Times. Founded in 2011 by former Goldman Sachs analyst Olga Vidisheva, New York-based recruits small fashion boutiques from around the world, (that’s us) offering them an online sales platform to sell their wares. Shoptiques now has a roster of over 1,500 boutiques—and LTD 7 has been selected as one of them! Can you even believe this stroke of luck?


Geographically, Shoptiques has focused primarily on fashion boutiques in the United States, with a presence in fashion capitols Paris and London. In 2015 the company will look to boost its reach in those locations as well as break into new markets. Vidisheva says she’s working to identify two new city markets to tackle but won’t disclose exactly which fashion-hotbeds she’s leaning towards (hint: they are in Europe and Asia).

Shoptiques pulls boutiques, a traditionally offline industry, into the e-commerce world

Boutiques are the last type of store you’d expect to get technical, but Shoptiques co-founder Olga Vidisheva is confident she can bring the tiny shops to your digital doorstep.

“The type of inventory boutiques sell is produced in small batches,” said Vidisheva at today’s Y Combinator Demo Days. Boutiques sell clothes and accessories in small quantities and usually only service the area they are in, as opposed to bigger, global brands. That makes setting up an e-commerce business more difficult than taking some pictures and putting them on Craigslist. You need to have an attractive website, a point of sale function, and the ability to keep up with the inventory on the physical end.

Vidisheva believes her product gives boutiques a way to show off their clothing and reach loyal customers who may not live in the area. “We go find the most exclusive, unique boutiques, we put them online, and then consumers … can come on Shoptiques and find their favorite little shops from all over the world,” she said.

Vidisheva is banking on her knowledge of what women want. She came from Russia in a classic $100-dollars-in-my-pocket story and studied at Harvard. She later worked for Chanel and became familiar with the fashion industry. She explained that, in her mind, women are most concerned about not showing up in the same room with the same outfit as another. For her, boutiques offer a way for women to find unique clothing, without having to trek to a boutique far away.

I am ALL ABOUT growing and sharing LTD 7 with other vendors and the idea that Shoptiques has created is right up my alley. Right now we only have two items for sale on the site, but in the coming month we will be up and running in full adding clothing, accessories, home décor and gifts. Many have asked if we will continue the Facebook Sale and the answer is YES! This just adds another avenue for you to share LTD 7 with your family and friends that live out of town and all over the world, plus the convenience of shopping 24/7. As that time draws near, I will update Facebook and this Blog with exactly how you can join in on this incredible opportunity to shop all over the world, and at LTD 7, from the comfort of your home.

Remember this: the more outreach we have, the more we can bring to you! We are not sacrificing our down home, local boutique feel, we are actually just sharing it with the world.


Why don’t you check out the site today and look at all the fine boutiques across this vast country of ours? Shoptiques has provided a $10 off coupon for you to use on any items on Shoptiques, including LTD 7.  Visit Paris, Milan, London, New York and everywhere in between, including LTD 7! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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