We’re back!

Where do I start? I have been asked to restart the LTD 7 blog again.  It’s been about a week since I was asked to bring it back, and here I am staring at my computer. I decided I would write about dreams…..my life, not giving up, avoiding naysayers, my back story and what led me to open LTD 7.

This is where my heart is and where my expertise lies. I am not a writer, I am a real person who followed her dreams many years ago. It will be full of truth, transparency and not much fluff.  I hope you enjoy reading and I pray it will inspire young people to chase their dreams!  I did not realize this 39 years ago, but your path is full of building blocks, each one builds on each other…….  I call these puzzle pieces. I know “now” at 55 years old, every step and every season was meant to be, and was guided by my God.  This series will be a cumulative blog where each post will build on each other to form my story as a small business owner.  Once my story is told, I will provide stories about Our name, my vendors, my incredible team and why we choose the products we carry in LTD7. If you ever have a topic you would like me to write about as a seasoned retailer please share with me.  I would love to hear from you.

I invite you to follow along and invite any young adults who dream of opening a shop or  may be searching for their perfect fit in life to never give up….just keep placing one foot in front of the other. Each step is a puzzle piece to your life.

Living the Dream




I have blogged a lot about living your dream. Please take a moment to read any posts on the blog that you may have missed. I keep an archive of current and past articles and you never know what topic might interest you that you might have missed. Today’s post takes things a step further. I will be discussing things you can do right now to make your dream a reality, especially if it involves small business and retail.

For those of you who actually DO dream of starting a small business, there are steps you can take NOW to begin to make the dream a reality.

The city government in your area has a plethora of articles and guidelines to follow to properly open a small business.

In addition, most cities host networking events and clubs for local businesses and this is a wonderful opportunity to meet people and begin to cultivate interested clientele. In Staunton, we are fortunate to have The Creative Community Fund and they are just waiting to get you started with classes, resources and a wealth of experience and knowledge. We also have the Staunton Downtown Development office that can point you in the right direction.

Make sure to visit your banker and perhaps a local attorney as well. Share with them your plans, even if it is a plan as simple as a lemonade stand at a local school. They can make sure you dot all your “i’s” and cross all your “t’s.”

For those of you not quite ready for the formal steps listed above, there are many things you can be doing, as time permits, to achieve your dream.


 Here are just a few:

1. Become an active participant on Pinterest. This site will give you idea after idea and you can begin to keep a file of ideas that will work for your niche as you grow.

2. Open and visit Etsy shops. Contact owners and ask questions, may will be more than happy to help you out. Form a network of other business owners.

3. Design a business website. There are a lot of user friendly website sites to get you started. Godaddy.com is a good place to begin. Name your dream. Choose the font and colors of your website. Visit other websites for ideas and make notes as to what appeals to you.

4. Run a booth selling your wares at schools, churches, or charity events. If there are organizations that sell consigned items, consider selling something. Ask to have a booth at any large function.

5. Consider selling on Amazon and EBay. Many sellers have gotten a really healthy start using these avenues.

6. Look for a similar company in your area, where your product may fit in nicely. They might love to sell something you make! You won’t know unless you ask.

7. Develop a good network potential buyers and keep them informed of your progress. Social Media is a good place to start.

8. Find a mentor and ask to take them to breakfast or lunch. Learn from them. They will consider it an honor to tell you about their trials and tribulations and success stories.

  1. Develop a blog. Find areas of your dream that others might be interested in reading about and blog about it. You will sharpen your radar about what might sell and you will develop a following.
  2. If you fail, get up and try again! And again. And yet again. You never know how close you are to a “yes!” Unless you keep trying. Most of our best inventions and products came on the heels of great lessons. That’s a healthy way to look at rejection or what seemingly is holding you back.


Hopefully some of these ideas are helpful to you. Living a dream is a full time job, and a happy one. It never feels like work to do something you love.

Go on.

Get up.

Show up.




Make your dream happen!

Living the Dream,